Field gate on Tealham Moor, south of Wedmore; 10 Apr 2014.

Early morning along Jack’s Drove, and a world soaked in dew.  The silver cobwebs, with the rising light behind them, are everywhere.  Here three struts in a gate provide the picture’s solid structures, and then the web is strung across the frame, and there are large drops of dew hanging from the gate at upper left.

This is a black and white image with much of its original colour restored, semi-faithfully.  One of the reasons that such colour restorations appeal to me is that, since black and white is already far from reality, I don’t feel that I must necessarily restore the original colours accurately – put another way, since I’m already way out in the realms of unreality, a little more unrealness (is that a word???) won’t matter!

The bar at the top and the diagonal one are casting slim shadows, which is why the silvery web strands fade as they come near them.

D700 with 70-300 Nikkor at 300mm; 200 ISO; Silver Efex Pro 2, starting at the Full Contrast and Structure preset, and selectively restoring colour.


  1. Wonderful image, the title makes me think of the song “Morning Dew” (wonderful lyrics).

    Enjoy the weekend, my friend and take care.


  2. Beautiful capture, Adriane. Personally, I like the “unreality” when it comes to photography and… perhaps, certain aspects of life. It makes you think outside of the box and takes the dullness out of the ordinary. As always, you are able to compose a work of art with simple subjects. I really like the delicate abstract lines of the web framed by the hard straight lines from the gate. Wishing you a great day! 🙂


    • Emily, its very good indeed to hear from you! How are you getting on? I hope you’re very well and fine, my friend!

      Taking the dullness out of the ordinary – definitely something to aim at. Or, as I’ve heard elsewhere, making the ordinary look extraordinary.

      Thank you for your very kind words, Emily, they give me enthusiasm. Yes, it was the great contrast between the organic lines of the web and the rigid lines of the metal that first drew my eyes to this.

      I wish you a great day too! And I hope things are going well for you, that they are going your way. Take good care of yourself! Adrian


      • Photography, at least from my perspective, feels intrinsic to your well being Adrian. I can’t imagine it would falter. Maybe, if it feels like there is a lack of inspiration at some point in the future it will offer you a clue that it is time to look within and remind yourself how talented you are. I really enjoy what you see.


        • Carrie, that is a very considered and kind statement, and looking within myself is excellent advice. And I particularly like “I really enjoy what you see”, that gives me a real boost! Thank you for your good words, my friend – and apologies for this late reply – I’ve been away from Bristol for a few days. Adrian


          • Hopefully uncovering some new beautiful sights. You are welcome for the boost, it is well deserved.

            Sorry to get a little deep there, I have really started using those types of clues to realize when I need to take some time and see the best of myself. It is making for a really enjoyable life experience 🙂


            • Oh no need to apologise for getting deep, I very much welcome the input and advice, Carrie – very worthwhile stuff!

              Unfortunately my trip was mostly family duty, rather than photography, this time. But I’ve a Minimalist selfie that may get posted tomorrow. Adrian


  3. I absolutely love this. Just opened it up in the email notification and it struck me immediately.

    I love the metallic effect. At first, I thought the ‘gold’ coloured areas was a car but I can see now it is the out of focus Natural backdrop. The cobweb really stands out too, and also looks metallic – like silver thread.

    Sunshine, birdsong, warmth, wonderful company, a good breakfast, the promise of a train journey, and this image: what a great start to Saturday!


    • Great!!! >>> I’m glad that this image is helping you start Saturday well, M – enjoy the train journey – and thank you for the good things you say. Preparations for The Great North Trek are going well. A 🙂


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