• FATman Photos has ceased posting, probably temporarily, for two reasons.
  • First, catastrophic computer failure.  It looks like a new PC is needed, and luckily a very tech savvy stepson is taking care of this for me.
  • Second, and quite out of the blue, I have suffered mental health problems which are presumably in response to the pandemic.  The strange thing is, I wasn’t feeling particularly worried about anything when the attacks started.
  • I have suffered muddled thinking, head pains and “general wooliness” in my head, and also difficulties with balance when standing up, walking, etc.  The balance problems have lessened but the problems in my noble dome are taking longer to recede.
  • I am detailing my mental problems because I know that there is a lot of stigma around mental health generally.  And, just as I abhorred that stigma when I was on the outside looking in, so I continue to abhor it now I’m on the inside looking out.  I refuse to be intimidated by it, and feel very much for these who are.
  • Some of you may wish to put messages onto my blog, or to email me, but I won’t be able to reply until I get  new computer.
  • So, take care everyone, and have a good Christmas and New Year!
  • Adrian

This blog has two pleasures for me - creating the images and hearing from you - so get your thoughts out to the world!

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