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When I saw her, it was love at first sight. She is very high maintenance though. When we began our adventure together, my current best friend knew the “ins and outs” of the maintenance meaning me and my new love could just enjoy our time together. Then I fell out with my best friend and […]

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Some heartfelt words from Sue Vincent, with which I wholeheartedly agree.  I do get tired of these so-called “improvements” that WordPress makes at no notice and, looking at the comments on Sue’s post, I am far from alone.  I go with the often mentioned thought here – if it ain’t broke, don’t mess with it!  Adrian

Facebook User Rights – NONE – I’m out

Andy Beel is a photographer and blogging colleague of mine here in south Bristol. He has serious concerns about changes that have been made to Facebook’s rules and regulations. I don’t use Facebook but maybe some of you do – you might want to read this. Adrian

Andy Beel FRPS

Pass this on if you want to protect your identity and Intellectual property published to facebook.

Facebook has decided it has the right without consultings its users to be able sell your identity and pictures with no redress.

You probably had an email recently about the changes, You like me did not read it.

See the link below


I will not be publishing to Facebook again.

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Dark Leaves

An intensely beautiful, haunting image from Karen McRae. OK, its a composite of more than one photo, its probably not what you would have seen had you been there. But, in the presence of such beauty and atmosphere, such considerations are wholly superfluous. Adrian

draw and shoot

Even as I was in the car driving I could hear the lot of them. They were congregated across the high trees. Arguing. Falling like dark leaves from the branches as they took turns plundering the cornfields. Tiny seeds in greedy black beaks.

[A flock of common fabulous grackles layered with a multiple exposure of trees]
© Karen McRae, 2014

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Cover Art

Sarah Longes is a blogging friend of mine; I follow her beautiful blog. She has posted a selection of images here, some of which she will submit to the Royal Horticultural Society for possible use in their 2015 calendar. She welcomes any views on these pictures, to help her in her choice for the submission. I’m simply blown away by the quality of many of these images. Those I especially like are:Taking it from the top, my choice for submission is: Brimstone; The Lookout; Naturally Extruded; Golden Rain; A Rose By Any Other Name; Autumn Glory; Golden Spring; Yellow On Blue; Spider On A Buttercup. What do you think? To see these pictures at a larger size, which is really the way that they should be seen, click onto any one of them and you’ll be taken into a slide show, where there are arrows on either side that let you move forwards or backwards. Pressing Esc takes you out of the slideshow. Enjoy! Adrian

Taking One Day At A Time

Wildlife in The Garden: The Lookout

Weekly Photo Challenge: Cover Art

After my success at having an image chosen for the RHS Photographic Competition Calendar last year (2015 Calendar) with my photograph Round Robin, I am putting a selection of images forward, for this year’s competition, in the hope of being published again! My dream, of course, would be to have the cover image! This is a gallery of my favourites for the relevant categories, but I may not be able to include them all because of costs. I would really appreciate it if you, my lovely followers, could help me choose the favourites by “liking” them in the gallery or advising me in a comment! Thank you all 🙂

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Hermes Rocket Typewriter

I saw this image on Freshly Pressed just now and it made an instant impact. And as I scrolled on down to see further pictures, it kept coming back into my mind – and when that happens I know that – WOW! So I’m reblogging it because, to me, this is one of the things that photography can be all about – a beautiful and engaging representation of the commonplace – its very well done. The lighting is superb, the reflection adds to it substantially, and the featureless black backdrop is exactly what is needed. I hope you like it too. Adrian

Golden Orb…

I first started following Lisa Kimmorley’s blog because we share a liking for Silver Efex Pro software – and then found that she knows Bristol too, and the West Country. I enjoy her photography (she is starting into infrared now), but I can only say that I am knocked completely sideways by this particular image. To me, it is an object of absolutely CRUSHING beauty, its as simple as that. It is an impression the natural world, very little is sharp – can you see the ducks? – but it moistens my eyes and moves my soul. I very much want to produce images like this one. Technicals? The almost letterbox format suits it exactly, and having the sky featureless is a decided plus – and as for the rest of it – WOW!!! Adrian


I am flat out with work at the moment and so this is the first time I have properly logged into WordPress for what seems an age (well 5 days!!), and is likely to be this way for another week or so.  In turn, I am snatching photo opportunities when I can.  This image was taken last Thursday morning just after sunrise with the fog so thick you could look at the shape of the sun 🙂

fog dam As always, click in for a larger view.

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Here are images from Eeva-Maria, whom I believe is a Finnish photographer. She made a comment on FATman Photos this morning, and going over to look at her blog I’m struck by its content, more struck than I’ve been by a blog for sometime I think. Her images are certainly beautiful, but they are also greatly imaginative and innovative – attributes which I admire immensely. I urge you to take a look at her blog. Adrian



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Wind swept…

I absolutely love this image – and I wish I’d taken it! I love its Minimalism, the textures in the foreground grass, and that perfectly placed tree silhouette – and those few semi-seen fence posts leading towards the tree . Wow, Minimalism – bring it on! Good photography, Lisa! FATman


In my experience the weather in this part of Australia (Victoria) can be sometimes incredible.  Often after a period of very hot days we get a ‘southerly change’.  This is in reality quite a shock – it can go from 40 C to 20 C (104 F to 68 F) in literally 30 minutes…the wind changes from a hot northerly to a cool southerly and the winds are often very strong.  This happened on Monday and flattened the long grass in this paddock.  The prevailing winds are north/south as you can see from the way this tree has grown, bent from south winds.

flattened grass Taken just after sunrise (as normal!!)

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