I’m currently posting images from my archive of photos of people.  As always with these archives, I’m trying to use a variety of approaches and responses to the subject.  These photos are being posted singly, with full text.

To make viewing of these images easier for those with little time to spare, I’m also posting groups of these images in galleries with minimal titles.  This is the 3rd gallery.  Earlier galleries are here: 1  2

Clicking onto each image will open a larger version in a separate window: doing this often enhances the image.

21: Upstairs on the early morning bus, near the railway station; Bristol, 2017.


22: Minimal nude: my late cousin was an artist, this is one of his professional models.  Less is more here. Kegworth, Derby, 2007.


23: Looking into a bus shelter; Bristol, 2019.


24: Luo family on a farm near Akala, in the far west of Kenya; April 1979.


25: Hairdresser, someone with a rich fund of often humorous conversation; Bristol, 2008.


26: Someday the flowers stop: the end of someone’s floral tributes here, in a rural churchyard; Stanton Drew, 2018.


27: The fleeting reflection of a shopper in a shop window; Burnham-on-Sea, 2014.


28: People watching The FATman (note multitasking on left); Bristol, 2017.


29: The FATman, shabbily attired amongst more cultivated beings; well, let’s face it, its a lifestyle thing. Bristol, 2016.


30: No-Time Toulouse, looking guilty, or perhaps aghast at news of a Belgian beer shortage; Bristol, 2017.


This blog has two pleasures for me - creating the images and hearing from you - so get your thoughts out to the world!

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