I have been using the Enterprise theme for FATman Photos for 10 years and now, with no warning, this theme has been retired by WordPress.

As a result, the sidebar on my blog looks a mess, and I have no idea if any other of my blog’s components are also affected.

I will need to look into this but I simply don’t have much energy or motivation at the moment, and so FATman Photos may stumble along a bit for awhile.  For the moment, two more posts are scheduled.

ANY SUGGESTIONS? >>>  does anyone have any suggestions about other themes they use or know well?  As far as I can see at the moment, I’d like a theme that has a sidebar, and also (v important!) access to the Code Editor.  Any ideas???

Meanwhile, take care – and stay safe!



  1. We’re staying safe, as I’m sure you are. Meanwhile, the world goes on: political messes, climate messes, WP messes. I’m sorry that happened and as you probably know, I’m not technically inclined enough to have any suggestions. I found a theme I like a while back and so far I have just left it as is. No code messing – I mean editing! – here. It looks like you’re working your way through the quagmire though. Good luck!


  2. I’ve been using Twenty Eleven for most of the life of my blog. I’ve tried numerous others for bits of time from time to time, but I always come back to 2011. It feels like home.

    It’s pretty customizable: custom headers, backgrounds, & link colors, a pretty robust list of built-in fonts, numerous layout options, lots of side- or footer-widget options, dark or light modes, and yes! the old-school editor is still available….at least it is for me….who knows with WP.

    I’d say it’s worth a gander and a fiddle.

    Take care–


    • Thanks, Johnny, this is good to hear! Does Twenty Eleven give access to the Code Editor though? Maybe all blogs do, I don’t know. This is not the old-school editor, but rather the facility that lets us edit the (?HTML) code of each post. Many thanks, Adrian 🙂

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      • Sorry–yes, the text editor is, I believe, a feature of the “Classic Editor”. That option is still available–at least it is for me!. This would be a deal-breaker if it wasn’t since I post poetry (or at least I did at one time….a rather long while ago….and hope to again soon…) and the text editor is the only way to ensure a poem is formatted the way I want it, i.e. line-breaks, indentation, etc.

        The block editor has a “html” block, but I’ve tried it and can’t seem to get it to do what I want it to.

        Hope this helps–


  3. I’ve been noticing various font changes on my blog, and so far haven’t figured out how to control them. Based on your experience it may be an omen of things to come, or things to go!


  4. WordPress has changed a lot in the last ten years and they have given me a few occasions where I have felt let down or cheated. I used to use a similar theme to yours which was called ‘Twenty Twelve’ or similar. There are a few iterations of this theme each called ‘Twenty’ something.
    Whether it would meet your needs I have no idea because they have tweaked and changed things since I moved on.
    I’m reasonably happy with the theme I currently use. I’ve taken away a lot of features or what appears on screen to keep the look relatively minimal. The theme I am currently using is Baskerville 2. It is free theme but I pay to keep it ad free. I made the positive decision to stick with a blog name that includes ‘.wordpress.com’ rather than paying to have the .wordpress bit removed.
    The sidebars etc all appear once the viewer has clicked onto an image. It means the front or home page is kept clean and tidy but the site can still be explored easily.
    Years ago WordPress used to display the theme name at the bottom of everyone’s blog which made it easy to emulate one you found someone else using but for some reason they took that off!
    It’s a very personal thing and getting exactly what you want isn’t easy. I know that whenever I look at a theme I think things like the layout is good but the font or banner or other aspects of the design are poor. Finding one that fits the bill is a tricky business. I’ve seen some people’s site which look awful and fail to showcase their work in a positive way. As I am sure you are aware it is important to work out on what bits you are prepared to compromise!
    On that ominous note, I will send you my best wishes and wish you luck with working out what to use next…
    Keep safe
    Mr C 🙂


      • I’m afraid you are asking a question that I am unqualified to answer. Despite having had a WordPress blog for many years I get by on the basics. The mention of Code Editor is enough to confound me. I had a quick look at writing a new post and looked around to see if I could find any obvious mention of code editor but to no avail! Sorry. I’m afraid I cannot answer that particular question unless you were to tell me where to look and that might get complicated.
        I wonder if there is a wordpress forum where you could search or pose the question ‘Free WordPress.com blog themes with code editor’. It might save a lot of messing around if you can narrow down your choice. I’m sure you are more than capable of working through to a solution but thought I’d chip in with that thought.
        Good luck with it all…
        Mr C 🙂


        • Don’t worry, Mr C, I’ve been in touch with WordPress Support and the Code Editor is available on all themes. I’m very much for the basics too, but the Code Editor allows me to make alterations to the HTML code that underlies each post and, although I don’t do anything complicated with it, it is very useful. Many thanks for your help! 🙂

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          • That sounds like great news and opens up your options. I notice someone else has recommended one of the ‘Twenty…..’ themes.
            I will look forward to seeing the new look.
            Have a great weekend (when it arrives…)
            Best wishes
            Mr C 🙂

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