House on a farm near Akala, in the far west of Kenya; April 1979.

These are Luo people who live in the immensely fertile far west of Kenya, not far from Lake Victoria – a vast body of water that supplies them with vast quantities of fish, and with frequent thunder storms which keep their land totally green.

The structure consists of mud walls, above which a conical thatched roof is mounted on a great mass of wooden poles.  There is quite a gap between the roof and the walls but, in this hot, equatorial area, cold weather is not an issue.  This hut has at least two rooms: the doorway to a second room is to the left of the people.  The mud walls have decorations drawn straight onto them, and there is an oil lamp hanging up.  Notice how everything, including the chest of drawers and some of the pictures hanging on the walls, has cloth covers.

Food and water are not an issue for these people, they live in a wonderfully fecund landscape.  But there are diseases – it was here that malaria first got its claws into me, despite my using nets and prophylactics.

Click onto the image to see a slightly enlarged version – recommended.

Technique: OM-1 with 28mm Zuiko lens; Agfa CT18 colour slide film, rated at 64 ISO.


    • Many others have said this about slide film and I’m sure you’re all right. But two things to mention. This slide has been scanned into digital and I’ve probably enhanced it slightly; low ISO slide films have little exposure latitude and I’ve probably lifted the shadows a little >>> LOL! so that what you see now is NOT what I originally got!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂
      I sometimes think back nostalgically to the decades during which I shot slides – including mono slides – on some wonderful cameras. But what always comes back to me, the bottom line I suppose, is the thought that shooting film inevitably leads to having to get it processed – after which I end up with slides or prints, which then must be scanned. So I’m unashamedly lazy, taking the digital route – whilst glorying in the vast image processing potential that digital provides. 🙂


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