I’m sad to tell you of the death of a dear friend.  As readers of this blog may know, I have a great love for cats, having spent my childhood growing up alongside one.  Snowpatch lived with good friends of ours’ and she died yesterday, aged 12, from a stroke.

She has appeared on this blog many times, and here are some of those images.

I love cats in general, but Snowpatch was really something special by virtue of her manifest enjoyment of human company.  She was quiet and affectionate and, time and time again, I would be chatting with my friend in her home, and Snowpatch would simply come quietly into the room and sit down beside us.  She did not crave attention in any way, but simply seemed to want to be near us.  And as she continued to exhibit this behaviour, year after year, it became really very endearing and moving.

So, Life moves on, that’s certainly how it is.  And its equally certain that, as we move on through Life, we are all going to miss Snowpatch’s company very much.



  1. I know you’ll miss her and I definitely remember these photos and your words of fondness for Snowpatch. The affection is clear in each image! Her eyes are deep. Take care, my friend.


    • Thank you, Shreya. I’m so glad that her personality shines through in my photos, she was a lovely individual. One day, unthinkingly (I should have known better!), I stroked her rounded paws, which elicited an immediate adverse reaction – but I remember being immediately struck by the size of her tiny toes. We shall all miss her. Adrian

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    • Thank you, Ken, these are sorrowful days. A muse? Yes, certainly. I’ve always thought cats beautiful, and she and I got on well together, and she was quite happy for me to get close to her with a camera, always quite at ease. Adrian

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        • No, we are alright, as I said; but close friends have been hit hard, although all seem to be pulling through ok. Being unwise about the vaccinations is astounding, I just can’t fathom how people think – most of the hospitalisations and deaths here are for non-vaccinated people, so of whom have refused the jab. We have a simple philosophy – if our doctors’ surgery says we should have any jab, we have it, simple as that. Stay safe! ☮ 💖 XXXXXX!!!!!

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