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Prince Philip has died, and no death is a welcome event. For reasons best known to themselves, the BBC has elected to run special, extended news bulletins about the death and about the Prince generally over more than one of its channels. Which begs the question that if I can view the content on BBC1, why does it also need to be on BBC2? Much of this news content has been repeated: I can recall seeing the Queen giving the same speech at least five times. Many other programs have been summarily postponed.

I think that the special news bulletins went on until midnight last night, and when I switched BBC news on before 6am this morning, the content was still being repeated.

It seems to me that two major points need to be taken into account here.

First, we are forced by law to purchase an annual TV licence, which funds the BBC. Hence I am being forced to pay for BBC content that I certainly do not want to see in such extended and repeated fashion. An extended news bulletin about the death would have been appropriate, but blanket TV coverage over more than one channel for many hours, and now entering its second day, really is excessive.

Second, while there are many people in the UK who revere the Royal Family, there are many others who are indifferent to them, and many others again who would actively like to see the concept of royalty totally abolished in this country. The BBC is supposed represent an overview of opinion, but here we are experiencing blanket, pro-royal coverage – in the spirit of Equality and impartiality, can we thus expect to see blanket, anti-royal coverage from the BBC at some stage?

The BBC is apparently being inundated by complaints about this excessive coverage, to the extent that it has set up a dedicated link for logging a complaint simply by entering your email address, which I have done.

The link to the dedicated complaint line is:

Death of HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh – too much coverage on BBC TV | Contact the BBC

To make a complaint re this TV coverage, simply enter your email address on the form that appears.

Many thanks.




  1. I’d be annoyed, too, if I had to pay just to have a TV, and then this. The quality of so much TV news is annoying enough without it be repeated. No surprise that something as established as the BBC, even if it’s supposed to be impartial, winds up towing the proverbial line supporting the monarchy. Glad to hear folks spoke up about it!


    • The BBC sees itself as the “national broadcaster” but in reality its just an anachronism that, like the monarchy itself, is long overdue for abolition. But while the UK is claimed to be a democracy, people behind the scenes – the “Establishment” – continue to influence many things. And I find it a national disgrace that while so much time, effort and funding went into Philip’s funeral, we continue to have thousands of children here who do not have enough to eat. Just yesterday, a local food bank announced that it is handing out record numbers of food parcels to desperate families.


  2. Yes, I think “I suspect they would rather have lots of complaints from the public than a backlash from lots of Tory backbenchers saying they aren’t patriotic etc etc” says it, right on the nail, Helen. Three things to say:
    1: extremely good to see you “back on air”, I was starting to worry / wonder where you were. It is not easy keeping going blogging, and the more so with the shambolic new Block Editor, but I am keeping going, and soon my blog will be 10 years young! 🙂
    2: I am certainly not exaggerating about the treatment the family I mentioned received from licence enforcement officers, the people involved have far more than my full confidence! This was several years ago though, so things may have ameliorated.
    3: One of the (quite a few!) gripes I have about the BBC is that, although they profess not to include any advertising, the intervals between their programs are crammed with unendingly repeated, inane and bland adverts for up and coming BBC programs, which is very frustrating.
    Very good to see you back, and thank you for all these comments >>> STAND BY ON THE BLOG TO REPEL COMMENT BOARDERS >>> WOMEN AND FATMEN OUT FIRST!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂


  3. A couple of things – The coverage was not only on BBC1 and 2 but they also shut down BBC4 completely and the coverage, I am reliably informed was also on ALL BBC radio stations for hours
    I also complained and the fact they set up a special complaints place where you could put your email indicates they probably had thousands of complaints. Will be interesting to see what they say.
    I suspect they would rather have lots of complaints from the public than a backlash from lots of Tory backbenchers saying they aren’t patriotic etc etc – BBC are under enormous pressure from government.

    I didn’t have a TV for 9 yrs up until about 4 yrs ago when a friend gave me her mothers TV when said mother went into care. I informed the TV licensing authority when I didn’t need a license and only had to do this every couple of years, They sent me a reminder asking if I still didn’t need a license. I never had anyone call to my house in those 9 yrs . I got a license when I got the TV

    You can have a TV in your house providing you are not watching live TV ( or recording it)
    Lots of stuff here –
    “You have no obligation to grant entry to a visiting officer if you don’t wish to do so. If refused entry by the occupier, the visiting officer will leave the property. If visiting officers are refused access, then TV Licensing reserve the right to use other methods of detection.” So they are NOT allowed to enter and search your property.
    So I don’t know what the family you mention are on about ! Exaggerating a bit maybe?

    I actually still think the BBC make lots of wonderful programmes and I love not having acres of advertising though BBC news is another story.

    Thanks for posting and getting me going !

    ps.. I have found it very hard to motivate myself to post or look at blogs but trying to get back to it. I have MASSES to catch up with. Kudos to you for keeping going !

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    • Yes, Matt I think that that is exactly what has happened. It is pathetic behaviour of course, but also especially infuriating in view of the fact that it is by law people like me who are funding the BBC. But .. the BBC is a tool of the British Establishment and, since everyone can see what is going on, the UK is certainly the poorer for that.


  4. Wow “…we are forced by law to purchase an annual TV license, which funds the BBC….” Is that like a tax. Even if people don’t watch TV?


    • If you have a TV in your house, regardless of whether or not you actually watch it, you have to pay for a TV licence, which funds the BBC. I know a small number of people who do not have TVs, and who are all the better for it, ie far more sociable, social and outgoing than most of us.
      One of these families has received repeated visits from TV licencing enforcement staff , who have searched the house to ensure that no TV is present. The family is now refusing any further access to these personnel. Detector vehicles tour neighbourhoods, looking for houses where a TV is in use but no licence has been paid for. In some ways reminiscent of Orwell’s 1984 or the Gestapo, I wonder??? 🙂


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