Photographer at a wedding reception near Bristol; 17 Aug 2011.  Some good friends invited us to their wedding reception and I took my camera along – and fired off 384 frames (including this one)!

Clash of the Nikons!  Here I’ve used Silver Efex Pro to emphasise the structure (i.e. detail) of the cut and patterning of the clothes, the wristwatch and the camera, which makes everything sharp and crisp, almost standing up out of the picture in 3D.  The subject is anonymous, save for the designer stubble and the strong hands familiarly manhandling the very solid and businesslike D2x.

There are two strong lines at varying angles in the picture.  One heads up towards 11am, from the wristwatch and through the camera to the top of the flashgun.  The other heads up towards 1pm, following the white shirt up between “the gateposts of the two cuffs” to the camera and the man’s chin.  The presence of these two axes brings some sense of movement and action to the shot – this is not someone posing with his camera, but rather someone actively in the process of taking photographs.

Click onto the image to open a larger version in a separate window.

Technique:  D700 with 24-120 Nikkor lens at 120mm; 1000 ISO.



  1. Wow, this is a knockout, Adrian. Between the man in the photo, Nikon, and a fine art photography gallery, I imagine you could have quite a few people interested in prints. I know that’s not your interest but just sayin’. An excellent image with excellent processing – by an excellent fellow! 😉


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