Dawn breaking on Boxing Day, just after rain.

And almost invisible in the murk up to the left of the light – can you see it??? –  a large gull glides in above the rooftops, calling noisily to its companions in the dark sky as it starts its day above the suburbs, searching for the edible scraps and refuse that we have discarded.

Click onto the “early morning” tag (below) to see more images from the early hours of the day. 

Click onto the image to open a larger version in a separate window – certainly recommended.

Technique: TG-5 at 25mm (equiv); 1600 ISO; spot metering; Lightroom, starting at the Camera Portrait profile; south Bristol; 26 Dec 2020.


    • Thank you very much, M, very glad you like it! The rill is of course “the path I’m on”(!!!), taking its glow and colours mostly from the light but also from the brightening dawn. Its very good being out taking pics like this.

      So, we are in a mess with the virus again, and Boris – as usual – is showing nothing like the sense of urgency he should be and, meanwhile, more people are dying. I’m with Labour: instant lockdown. 😦

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      • I’m trying to stay away from news but had a bit of a look this earlier and thought, my goodness – what a mess. I don’t understand the delay in acting, I really don’t. Makes one despair 😦


      • I’ve just been told that Scotland is going into a strict lockdown tonight, and that Wales’ Health Sec said at today’s presser that they are looking at enforcement of the rules rather than ‘engage, explain’. I also read this morning that Germany is going into strict lockdown – England usually looks at what’s happening on the continent, and then follows suit – later.


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