Selfie on a footbridge, Lynmouth, Devon; 24 Sept 2009.

The striking shadow and backdrop were too good to miss, and I angled the camera so that, instead of being horizontal, the footbridge’s shadow cuts a powerful, stark diagonal right across the photo, more or less from top left to bottom right. The background, a dry overspill channel, is quite rugged and textured, and also variously green – this shot also works in black and white.

Click onto the image to open a larger version in a separate window.

Technique: F6 with 24-120 Nikkor lens; Fuji Provia 400X colour slide film rated at 800 ISO.

2016 UPDATE: its almost unreal to see that this photo was originally taken as a colour slide/transparency – taken on 35mm FILM!!!   And I was having the film push processed, which means that although the film was rated at 400 ISO, I asked the company who were going to develop it to treat it as if it had a speed of 800 ISO.  The firm were (and still are, I think) based in Cheltenham in the UK, and sending the exposed film to them – and receiving back the developed colour slides in a neat plastic box – all took place via the UK postal system. 

Provia 400X was a wonderful film, excellent colours, fine grain, and I had no hesitation in having it push processed up to 3200 ISO or even higher on occasion.  Had digital photography not come onto the scene, I would certainly still be using 400X (or its descendants) now (but see below).

And film?  Well its only 7 years since this photo was taken, but all that seems such a long time ago.  Would I ever go back to using film?  Definitely not, absolutely certainly not.  The creative advantages provided by digital photography simply cannot be ignored.

2020 UPDATE: regarding Provia 400X colour slide film, time moves on and I now read that it is no longer produced, and that all existing stocks are past their expirey date – this does not of course make them anything like unusable but, as I say, time moves on …


About Adrian Lewis
Photographer - using mono, colour and combinations of the two - many types of subject, including Minimalism, landscapes, abstracts, soft colour, people, movement, nature - I like to be adventurous, trying new ideas, working in multiple genres. And I've a weakness for Full English Breakfasts and Duvel golden ale, though not necessarily together.

8 Responses to ARCHIVE 588 – SELFIE ON A BRIDGE

  1. Arati says:

    I like the colors in the water and the diagonal bridge is powerfully fabulous… inspiring!


  2. Meanderer says:

    One of my favourites of yours; just so good!


  3. i honestly prefer the look of black and white film photography over digital photography…just a shame that film is no longer as readily available.


    • Adrian Lewis says:

      I think film is available, Matt, but at a price (+ the processing costs too, or course), and I’ve read of several film photographers who limit their numbers of shots for just that reason.

      I used to be really enthusiastic about Fuji Provia 400X slides, often having them push processed, but I read now that all of the stock is past its expiry date (not that that matters too much) and getting harder to find – so the 400X road appears to be coming to an end.

      Haha!!! >>> and I’m probably a complete barbarian, I admit it, but I’m into images as such, rather than looks, and I’m certainly not a pixel peeper. 🙂


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