Low angle sunlight washes across road markings and the road’s paler gutter and kerb; further towards upper right, the rough, dark pavement, with long reaching shadows, occupies the rest of the frame.

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Technique: TG-5 at 25mm (equiv); 3200 ISO; Lightroom, starting at the Modern 01 profile; south Bristol; 31 Aug 2020.


  1. Love this; the angles, the colours, the light and the very clear CLEAR!

    Well, my friend, looks like lockdown is coming to England after all. The Wales gov has been very CLEAR this morning that this does not include Wales. Indeed, they are having a cabinet meeting tomorrow to discuss border issues. Get your supplies in – I’ve seen images of queues outside supermarkets in England already. We still have home food deliveries and the slots have been very hard to come by since we went into lockdown a week ago.


    • Ha! have just been thinking of you! Well, here we are, I only wish our “government” had listened to the scientists in September, instead of losing weeks by farting and fairying around. I suppose this is Boris’s biggest U-turn to date, well, you know, credit where credit’s due …

      I hear your caution re supplies; apart from perishables (bread, milk etc) we have had substantial supplies laid in since the first lockdown started. Whether this will actually be a month, or more, is anyone’s guess; as is whether educational establishments will be able to remain open. And, looking to another continent, I am hoping for some cheer on Tuesday …

      Stay safe, you two, take care. 🙂

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      • U-turns? They don’t do u-turns do they 🙂 🙂 Hopefully, they will have a lot more info as to how it will all work at the 5pm presser (which is in the middle of a televised England rugby game, ha, ha). Wales schools are supposed to return on Monday except for years 10 and 11, I think. Will be interesting to see how many go back.

        We also have substantial food supplies built up since the last lockdown. As you say, it’s the fresh stuff which needs to be ordered up more regularly.

        Yes, Tuesday will be interesting. It doesn’t seem four years since the last one, which I remember staying up for!

        Many thanks, my friend. Keep safe you two too (as it were!).

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