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I’ve recently put out two posts regarding the emergence of WordPress’s new Block Editor, and the original Classic Editor:  these posts are here and here, and if afflicted by the recent editor issues, I recommend that you have a look at them, and also have a look at the various comments these posts have received.

Via my very long time blogging friend Meanderer, I’ve now received a very useful link re these issues, which I recommend you read as well.  The link is here – click onto it and it will open in a separate window:

click onto this link




About Adrian Lewis
Photographer - using mono, colour and combinations of the two - many types of subject, including Minimalism, landscapes, abstracts, soft colour, people, movement, nature - I like to be adventurous, trying new ideas, working in multiple genres. And I've a weakness for Full English Breakfasts and Duvel golden ale, though not necessarily together.


  1. Val says:

    Hi, I’m Val from ‘In my real life’ blog which was the link you shared. I’ve been reading some of the comments and replies to your posts regarding this and you’re right, they WILL be removing the classic editor eventually. It’s supposed to be going on 31st December 2021, but my guess is they’ll remove it sooner. The block editor is actually the default editor here now, and has been (apparently) for the past couple of years, but they put the Classic in as a plugin for the time being while (they hope) people will get used to using the Block Editor. So it’s either a matter of getting used to it, or blogging somewhere else.

    I’m very torn over those two options. I hate the block editor with a vengeance but if I left this site it would mean starting afresh and I would badly miss the community I’ve built up over the years, and also the friends I’ve made here. People tend not to follow one to another blogging system, I know this as I’ve moved to different sites a few times in the past. It’s rather like how, if you leave Facebook (which I did quite a time ago) very few people you knew there won’t use email instead, so you lose contact.

    So I’m trying to think of ways to use the block editor without all the hassle. My thought, as JenT – whose blog I linked to in my post – suggested to me recently, is either to type the post into Notepad or Wordpad (the latter being my preference as it’s very like the Classic Editor) and just copy and paste it into the paragraph block, or type the post into a draft post in a blogspot/blogger blog which also has a very similar wysiwyg text editor – much like the Classic here – then turn on the HTML or code tab, and copy and paste the contents into an HTML block here. It’s a bit of a palaver but would save having to leave the site. The only problem then is the images, but that can be taken care of in the HTML editor with a tiny bit of code, as long as one knows the location of the image.

    Apropos further sharing of the link to my post. You’re welcome, if you want, to take a screenshot of the diagram I did (but not the accompanying text, please) and post it to your own blog. I’d actually prefer that people do that than share a link to my post all over the place, as my blog is closed to search engines and I like to know where my content is linking to, and right now I don’t! 🙂 I only found your post (and a couple of others) by looking at the referrers in my stats and then doing a Google search.


    • Adrian Lewis says:

      Hello, Val, very good to hear from you – and I see you’re not far away, in mid Wales. I have to say I very much wish all this trouble with the WP editor were not happening as, to me, its really not what Life’s all about.

      I’m interested in your mention of Notepad and Wordpad as I used to compile code on them some years ago in work. That’s a really good idea to keep in mind.

      Am I understanding that you’d like me to remove the link to your blog from my post? Doing that really removes the reason for my post and, in addition, I’d like to retain the various comments that have emerged, including your’s. I think there’s a means by which I can simply make this post invisible to everyone but me – would you like me to do that? Adrian


      • Val says:

        No, you’re welcome to leave the link (and of course your post and its comments!), I’m mostly talking about any further links. It was my own fault for posting it on the forum in the first place, and I take full responsibility for that. Also, you’re not the only person who has shared the link. I have a degree of brain fog (I’ve a post about it on my blog, just a post or two back from the one mentioned above) and sometimes write things that aren’t quite as comprehensible as I’d have liked. I think my comment above is one of those…. Sorry!


  2. Dennis says:

    The classic block is no solution at all. It’s like driving a car from the roof with ropes attached to the steering wheel. It doesn’t work well.

    The three dots solution is working because it refers you to the real classic editor. Saving the link to the classic editor in your browser works too. But for me, making use of scripts is the best option by far. At least until the editor is entirely gone.

    But I did already find another workaround for the worst case. But it makes no sense to write about it yet since we still have other options now, the ones we discuss at the moment.


  3. Stella says:

    Thanks for the link… I’ve bookmarked it for future reference. I really hate it when change is made just for the sake of change, which is my take on this.


  4. Dina says:

    Thank you very much for this link, Adrian. We’ll watch it together in a little while when we have dried up. We just got back from the Cley reserve that you obviously know so well. The reserve and the hides are all closed to the public so the birds are enjoying a peaceful time. Only the centre is open and exhibitions are going on, obviously not well visited with only four people allowed in.


  5. David says:

    Thanks, I’ve bookmarked the link and will dive a bit deeper next week! Since I rarely use any text, its a mystery why they’ve tried so hard to make it difficult 🤨


  6. Helen Cherry says:

    Thanks for this and to meanderer.
    This is such a beautiful portrait and one of my favourites of yours Adrian

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