Crossing the little Whitelake Bridge on Hearty Moor, on the Somerset Levels, and there on the bridge’s guard rail were flowers – I assumed in memory of some victim of a road accident, or even someone drowned in the river.

But looking more closely at them, they were accompanied by no words of mourning, and they looked more like charms, not memorials.  And then I remembered where I was – not far from Glastonbury, and also not far from Worthy Farm, at Pilton, which hosts the world famous Glastonbury Festival.  There are many around here, especially in Glastonbury, who hold Pagan and other, non-mainstream beliefs, and here were what appeared to be charms above moving water, above a river.

I have dabbled with Paganism, and found it far, far more attractive than the monotheistic mainstream religions of the UK.  But I’m now at the conclusion that although I have a deep love and regard for the Natural World, this is not for me anything religious, but rather something that invokes feelings of great love and wonder.   I don’t worship the Natural World, but I respect it – and the more so because, unlike us, it manages to exist and thrive without the aid of all the made up stories – the imagined realities – which appear necessary to keep human societies –  and human minds too – in order and intact.

And so here then, deep in the Somerset countryside, because of the way they see the world, because of what they believe in, someone has placed these simple objects above moving water.  And to me, in so doing, they have added a little piece of beautiful magic – and diversity too – to this world.

Click onto the image to open a larger version in a separate window.

Technique: Z 6 with 70-300 Nikkor lens at 300mm; 1600 ISO; Lightroom, using the Standard V2 picture control; on the Whitelake Bridge, northeast of Glastonbury, on the Somerset Levels; 5 Apr 2019.



  1. I was immediately taken by this photo, Adrian, and when I read your text, I have to say well, that figures. I like the way you talk about respecting the natural world, particularly because it gets by without the “imagines realities” and stories we tell ourselves to get through the day. And though you may not go along with the whole Pagan system (or any system!) you respond positively to this odd token of appreciation. Me too.


  2. This is lovely, both your photo of it and the actual gesture of having put the flowers there, whoever did it. I have no religion anymore, it sort of faded and I left it like that, but I’ve always been attracted to the natural world.

    I’m trying to suss out what the image is in your userpic. Is it a door with a face?


    • Yes, the natural world is simply wonderful, I never tire of it either.

      I’ve been running my blog for over 9 years, and this has always been my userpic. As far as I remember, I took it down in Cornwall somewhere, and its the doors of a closed down pub – the outside door handles have been taken off the doors, and someone has put the image of a face inside the doors so that it seems to be looking out. 🙂

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