Fisherman in a mangrove-lined creek on Lamu, an island close off the coast of Kenya; July 1978.

He has sailed as far in into the creek as he could, and his boat is beached at the top of the shot.

He is carrying his catch in his little basket, and is now crouched on the creek’s shore, gutting them.  I can remember that, even as he was discarding the entrails, small hermit crabs were scampering forward through the shallows to feast on them.

What this picture cannot convey is just what it felt like to be there.  The sun is shining and the place is not far from the equator and so, yes, it was hot.  But Kenya’s coast is also immensely humid – such that any physical effort quickly induces profuse sweating.  The drier heat of much of the country’s interior is far more comfortable.

Click onto the image to open a larger version in a separate window – recommended.

Technique: OM-1 with 28mm Zuiko lens; Agfa CT18 colour slide film, rated at 64 ISO; Color Efex Pro 4.


I’m re-posting photographs that I took in Kenya over 30 years ago.  You can find more context here .  Click onto the “Archive Kenya” tag (below) to see more of these film images from Kenya.





  1. That seems to be a rather large boat for him to have been able to navigate so far upstream. I hope–but I presume that you were not–riding on the boat with him, but rather your paths happened to cross, right? So fascinating to have such close interactions with folks who have chosen to follow such different paths in life!


    • Oh its not far up stream, its a coastal creek >>> I’m going to tell you what’s around the corner again >>> not far around that distant corner is the shore and the sea; and no, I wasn’t his passenger, I was exploring amongst the mangroves.

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    • Glad that you do, Helen – I like to describe such things when I can, I think they give another dimension to images, perhaps bring them a little more alive. Very glad you enjoyed this. Take care! 🙂

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