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Technique: TG-5 at 25mm (equiv); 1600 ISO; Lightroom, starting at the Modern 01 profile; Bedminster, south Bristol; 21 Jan 2020.


    • Oh, very good to see you back, my friend, I’ve been thinking about you, hoping you’re both ok! Well, we are both ok, taking maximum precautions – but feeling distinctly uneasy about the ongoing situation. The Cummings scandal has reduced my faith in both Boris and his government to well below zero. It seems that we entered lockdown too late, and that we are now exiting it too early, when there are still thousands of new cases emerging daily. We are both very relieved to be retired! Stay safe, K, and keep in touch. Adrian 🙂

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      • Very pleased to hear you are both ok. We are good, too – thank you. Like you, we have been very cautious. We’ve stayed in and have kept away from shops and crowds (thank goodness for the garden). I have to say that watching the goings and cummings in England from Wales has been pretty shocking – we have said to each other how glad we are to be here (not something I say often, as you know). The recent images of crowded beaches and queues for B&Q (and Ikea today) are deeply concerning. There’s a lot of selfishness around; makes me cross. I’ve been like grandpa in the Simpsons shouting and waving my fist at clouds 🙂

        The Welsh government seems to be handling things pretty well. They seem to have decided to put the health and welfare of the people ahead of anything else, although we were disappointed in the casual way they announced – through Twitter yesterday morning – that those shielding would be allowed out from today. It seemed to go against their usually very well thought out decisions announced with plenty of notice. We are also fortunate in having very low cases and deaths in our area – incredibly low – although I guess there is a danger to that as there won’t be much immunity in the community.


        • I’m astounded and angry at the selfishness and thoughtlessness too – when thousands have died, its a bit like being in a living nightmare.

          Yes, the Welsh govt does seem to be putting people first, whereas Boris & co are a bit of a shambles, and increasingly lacking credibility.


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