Gaily coloured houses and many parked cars in the steep, narrow streets of fashionable, middle class Totterdown.

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Technique: TG-5 at 25mm (equiv); 800 ISO; Lightroom, starting at the Camera Vivid profile; Totterdown, south Bristol; 21 Jan 2020.


  1. We have something similar here in South Carolina. In Charleston about 1 1/2 away. It’s a nice day trip-when day trips were a thing 🤦🏼‍♀️ It’s called Rainbow Row. 13 historic homes. Google it. So pretty. I love this pic. It’s cheerful, like RRow.
    XXXATPXXX 💙❤️💜


      • Which in Bristol means truly eye-watering prices. When we sold my late in-laws property in Portishead three years back I could not believe what we got for it (£750K), compared to a bigger house with a similar amount of land in Hull which had belonged to my parents (£180K). I imagine we’re talking 7 figures?


        • Oh a knowledge of house prices is something I keep very much away from, LOL! the materialistic mores of society!!! But you could be right, 7 figures, and especially as this area is trendy and fashionable. Further up these hills there are larger Victorian houses, which may be even more expensive; they are loved for their large rooms.

          Can’t say I’m totally at ease with Bristol’s popularity and expense, they mean nothing to me. I live here and its ok, there are far worse places to live, but I’m more at home to the south – Weston (my home town), Burnham, the Levels etc. 🙂

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            • You know, Stella, that’s a very good point, and one that has never occurred to me – yes, easy access to London, by plane, train or straight up the M4; and fashionable Clifton etc too to be seen in. I have to say that I’m extremely glad not to be embroiled in any of that. I remember, years ago now, that friends from Kenya were in Bristol for awhile, and they were paying an exorbitant mortgage for a place in Clifton that was at best “adequate” – but then they were were there for Clifton, for the milieu – that’s not for me!!! 🙂

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  2. Totterdown? Sounds like something someone might have come up with during a no-holds-barred, many-pints-of-bitter session for a Harry Potter movie. Still, one can, sort of, imagine a modicum of charm,


    • Love modicum!!! As it happens, I may know something about the origin of Totterdown, as years ago I was interested in local history. South of what is now Bristol city center, the land rises up markedly, and so you climb hills to get to some of the southern suburbs.

      Many years ago, the city of Bristol only included what is now the city center, and there were open hills to the south. One version of Totterdown is that it reflects people tottering down these steep hills towards the city. Another is that totters (people who in the old days collected (and sold on) rags, bones, bottle, metal, etc) came down these hills to get into the city.

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