Dropped on the way home after a good night out – perhaps by carefree lovers (well I can dream, can’t I?)  >>>  and still containing remnants of the golden nectar that, made from apples, is to a Somerset Lad like me The One True Drink.  But now lying with other garbage (mercifully out of shot) amongst run down old garages and the reflective metal wall of an electricity substation.

Ah, but is True Romance past? … what was that poem? … Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? … well, ok, Shakespeare … >>> just don’t say you don’t get no culture on this blog!!! … 🙂 … but I’m rather more for Lennon & McCartney’s … And in the end the love you take is equal to the love you make … seems pretty basic to me … a good and simple way forward …

Click onto the image to open a larger version in a separate window.

Technique: TG-5 at 100mm (equiv); 800 ISO; spot metering; Lightroom, starting at the Camera Vivid profile; south Bristol; 7 Feb 2020.


    • No, this a part of Somerset life!!! I can remember getting blotto on cider in my mid-teens in Weston >>> in one wonderful incident, three of us, blind drunk, rode our pushbikes down the bridge near the (now demolished) gasworks, crashed into each other and ended up in a pile in the middle of the road – just lucky there was no traffic coming!

      And, its interesting, I often read the (published) diary of a vicar living down near Cannington and Bridgwater around 1800 >>> and coming from another part of the country he often calls Somerset people liars, drunkards, lazy etc etc – ah, heritage … 😉 …


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