Out on Tealham Moor, on the rough, wet flatlands known as the Somerset Levels.  On the right, the single track tarmac of Totney Drove makes off eastwards between two bushes with the sheer faces that tell of the ruthless power of tractor-born, mechanical cutters.  And to the right of the right-hand bush, way off on the horizon, the iconic landmark of Glastonbury Tor, with the tower of a ruined church just visible on its summit.

Click onto the image to open a larger version in a separate window – definitely recommended.

Technique: Z 6 with 70-300 Nikkor lens at 70mm; 800 ISO; jpeg created and processed in-camera from a raw file, using the Graphite profile and in-camera cropping; further processing in Lightroom; Tealham Moor, on the Somerset Levels southwest of Wedmore; 9 Aug 2019.


  1. Mmmmm very nice. Lovely composition and the Z6 produces a good file to be sure. I’m off travelling tomorrow and taking the X-H1, leaving the M240 at home. Will I regret it? Not heading to Glastonbury though. My father’s family – a few generations back – polluted the Welsh blood with some Somerset claret. Came from Huntspill. I’ve never been there, sadly.


    • Oh Huntspill is down on “my” part of the Levels, not far at all from Glastonbury, Brent Knoll, Burnham-On-Sea, Highbridge and the like – right down in the flatlands. I’m the opposite to you: mainly West Country, but with a foray into Wales sometime back that gave me my Welsh surname!

      I’m very pleased with the Z 6; and especially so when coupled with the 70-300 Nikkor, which gives me a 70-450 zoom range; I feel its a camera I could tackle anything with. The X-H1 is the larger version of the X_T1/X-T2 isn’t it, I’ve done a lot with those cameras in the past, and loved the colours they produced.

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      • Yes Adrian, the X-H1 is bigger and slightly better for me to handle. I’m 6’4” and found the X-T series. It also has IBIS. I use it with a battery pack. I also occasionally stick the M converter on and use my Summilux lenses on it. Fun to experiment.

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    • Yes, fairly lonely, but a wonderful area >>> I remember going into a local shop near here years ago (the shop long since vanished), and saying to the shopkeeper “There aren’t many people about”, to which his reply was “There are never many people about round here.” 🙂

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  2. Hi Adrian. I remember the Tor seen from a hill at the other side one early morning in the late seventies. Mist around the ‘man made land work’ it’s standing on and the Tor rising out of it. Almost a scene from a faerie tale. See you were not too far from East Pennard. In Sunny Side cottage in this hamlet there lives Alardus van den Bosch and his wife Cathy. Haven’t seen him for forty years but still in contact. He makes inlaid woodwork. If you’re in for it just say Hello and enjoy is work!


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