Local theatre

(best viewed enlarged – click onto it twice)

Weston-super-Mare, my home town, on the coast where the Somerset Levels run down into the Bristol Channel – the local, somewhat muddy, version of the sea.  Following a recent reunion with age-old friends there (here), I’ve been visiting Weston again, and walking streets echoing with things remembered – sometimes only half-remembered –  from over half a century ago.

Weston is a seaside town and, like seaside towns the UK over, it is experiencing something of an economic downturn – the era of the family seaside holiday in uncertain British weather is long past, due to cheap holidays in warmer and far more reliable, foreign climes.  So, there is to Weston something of the cheap and cheerful, a – to me, anyway – rather attractive tattiness at the edges, that makes walking here with a camera a pleasure – a definite feeling of not knowing what will appear next.  The Ghost of FATman Past perhaps?  Well, if he gives me half a chance, I’ll photograph him …

And so in Nov 2019 to pictures taken with an open mind – pictures which are, for better or for worse, in the main quite different from the preceding 400+ that I’ve posted of the Somerset Levels.  Some of them may be a little obscure / far out / radical / unexplained /  I don’t know… but I did mention photographing with an open mind, which means looking, on the spur of the moment, at anything and everything …    But, whatever, warts and all, I hope you’ll like (at least some of) these images.  (Click onto them to enlarge them)

Earlier posts in this series are here: 1 .

A short history of Weston is here.


Wet morning


Public seating


Empty café



  1. My favourite is the Playhouse image. Love that perspective and all the pink tones in it which pull the busyness of the scene together. It also reminds me of many of the old buildings here in Wales – particularly Carmarthen and Aberystwyth; Aber in particular is a real step back in time despite the presence of the Uni and associated youngsters 🙂


    • Glad you like the Playhouse picture! The pink tones are enhanced by a Z 6 profile – which I can’t recall the name of! I can well imagine Aber as being in something of a timewarp – bits of Weston are like that and, as I say in the post, I’m surprised at the number of shops from the 50s/60s still in the High Street – an interesting place! A 🙂

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  2. The pictures capture a feeling of Weston, I remember.
    Thank you for reminding me of my visits to Weston. It prompted me to find some pictures and draft a post.


    • I’m so glad that this captures a feeling of Weston for you, my friend – its just me walking about the town, snapping things that catch my eye (there are more of these posts to come), but I’m very glad that it captures a feeling – thank you! Adrian 🙂

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    • Ken, thank you very much! These are really experiments on my part, things I’ve spontaneously liked and fired the camera at – in many cases a little different from usual – and certainly so from the types of subjects portrayed in pictures from the Somerset Levels – thanks for your encouragement! A 🙂


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