Sports car, Wells, Somerset; 1 May 2005.

Ninety degree anticlockwise rotation moves the wheel to the bottom right of the shot, with the door handle, bodywork and shadow now forming strong features dipping steeply left.

The wonderful yellow of the car’s body produces strong contrast between the silver and black wheel and the other picture elements.

There are earlier images in this Parked Car series here: 1 2 3 4 .

Technique: F6 with 80-200 Nikkor lens.  Fuji Provia 400 colour slide film push processed to 800 ISO.

UPDATE 2015: there was a time when I photographed quite a few of these automotive abstracts – this one was done 10 years ago –  but they’ve gone somewhat off my radar these days.  But I still like this image, I still see it as I did then, as an artificial object with deep inherent beauty – and I wonder if, were I to be processing this shot now, whether I’d be tempted to try and “clean” the small amounts of dirt off the bodywork at upper right.

UPDATE 2019: one from an arty(!) period way back: push processed colour slide film – Fuji Provia 400, my go-to film, a really good all rounder, wonderful quality at 400 ISO, but pushable to 3200 and even 6400 ISO  –  and paired with the last of Nikon’s professional film SLRs, the F6.



        • Living in Nairobi, near the equator and a mile above sea level, there were only wet and dry seasons (2 of each per year), and days were as near as damn it always 12 hours long. So that returning here after 12 years, I was struck by the seasons’ diversity >>> LOL! and not a little disquieted by the low levels above the horizon of the winter sun!

          But after all these years back here, I’ve grown used to it all again and I like all the seasons – and actually quite enjoy winter’s darknesses – especially if a camera is to hand!

          But, that said, autumn is probably my favourite too – I’m looking forward to the cooler mornings, the colours and the mists – tho never forgetting the millions of birds on their long journeys south – many of which we saw at the other end of those journeys. Ho hum … might be time for a contemplative Duvel soon ….

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          • There are so many bright and uplifting things during Autumn and Winter aren’t there? Harvest time, leaf colour, Autumn flowering plants, bonfires – clearing the garden away for the Winter, Bonfire night, fireworks, bright cheerful berries, Christmas (oh, no – I’ve said it now and it’s not even September :-), warm fires, hot toddies, furry jumpers ……. ah, love it 🙂

            Enjoy your Duvel!


            • Don’t worry, I expect the adverts for Xmas office party (ohhhh!) venues are already out in central Bristol. As I remember things, Xmas office parties were only very slightly more enjoyable (or should that be bearable?..) than the weekly (or should that be weakly? …) office team meetings …… 🙂 🙂 🙂

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  1. this is a fine shot, Adrian. I’ve had been shooting cars with film also a few years ago, too. All digital now. I try to “clean up” the car with the spot healing brush in LR to get the obvious dirt and bugs out which are a distraction. It can be time-consuming on occasion but I feel it’s worth the effort (most of the time).


    • Thank you, Ken. LOL! maybe I’m too lazy to remove all the dirt; and I have some pictures of dirty cars where the dirt is a part of the image – maybe examples will be posted in this Parked Car series I’m doing. Thank you again. A 🙂


    • Yes it is, but I can’t see myself ever returning to film; I sometime think about classic film cameras but, what would I so with one if I had one – it would be an admired material thing, more “stuff” in other words, a paperweight really – and it wouldn’t hold the memories that my Olympus OM-1 and OM-2, the film cameras I used in Kenya, have; the OM-1 still fires, and I never tire of hearing the softness of shutter! 🙂


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