Casualty of recent unseasonally windy weather, on a decidedly damp and dull morning in what we Brits have known, in the past at least, as “Flaming June”.

Technique: both of the cameras that I now take to the Somerset Levels – the Nikon Z 6 and the Fujifilm X-T2 – have the facility to process their Raw files internally to produce jpegs that can be downloaded alongside the original Raw files to (in my case) Lightroom Classic.  The processing possibilities are quite extensive – including adding “looks”, cropping, changing exposure, white balance, etc etc – and I find this a great aid to creativity.  I find the Fujifilm X-T2 a little better at this sort of processing than the Nikon Z 6, but even in the latter it is still a very useful process / add-on.

Thus a typical day is an early morning visit to the Levels, followed by an afternoon slumped in an armchair feeling totally shattered, sipping the golden Belgian beer Duvel that is my favourite tipple, and – for greater or shorter periods – looking through the day’s images on the two cameras, trying out various edits, and saving as jpegs those that look promising.  Then, the same day if I’m not too far Duvelled – or the next day if I am –  I can download BOTH the original Raw files and my manufactured jpegs into Lightroom >>> so that I can look at both my original photos AND the prompts towards potentially useful processing methods.  I can only say that I find this a definite aid to creativity and that anyone whose camera allows in-camera Raw processing should explore its possibilities (the Duvel is of course optional, but wholeheartedly recommended all the same!).

Another point here is that mirrorless cameras like the Nikon and the Fuji allow review of images via the viewfinder as well as the rear screen, and that the viewfinder often gives a better appreciation, especially in bright ambient light.

And yet another point is that Lightroom – dear Lightroom – removes things like Fujifilm’s excellent film simulations as it reads in Raw files, whereas it does not do this with other file types eg jpegs >>> so that all in-camera processing is preserved.

I couldn’t decide which of these images to present and hence both are here – I think I prefer the darker, more foreboding, more apocalyptic,  version above.

Click onto each image to open another version in a separate window, and click onto that image to further enlarge it.

Technique: X-T2 with 10-24 Fujinon lens at 15mm (equiv); in-camera processing of the Raw file, using the Acros + red filter film simulation; no further processing; Great Withy Drove, Common Moor, north of Glastonbury, on the Somerset Levels; 14 June 2019.

About Adrian Lewis
Photographer working in monochrome, colour and combinations of the two - with a great liking for many types of subject, including Minimalism, landscapes, abstracts, soft colour, people, movement, nature - I like to be adventurous in my photography, trying new ideas and working in many genres. And I'm fond of Full English Breakfasts and Duvel golden ale, though not necessarily together.


  1. When I’m ‘too far Duvelled’… 😀 I would certainly go for the dark version. The lighter one is the more decent shot.. And Cheers!

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  2. bluebrightly says:

    That’s an interesting process you describe. I do not get much at all from looking at the LCD screen, it’s just too small. Same with the viewfinder. I go directly to the download and work there. I’m pretty sure my camera also would allow various effects and edits after the fact – but I just can’t see it well enough (and yesterday the eye doctor, at my annual visit, said all is well). But still, it’s interesting as always, to hear about another person’s process, and to think about it. And then there’s the LR piece – are you sure there ins’t a setting that will preserve all the jpegs and import them along with the RAW file? I used to use some Olympus in-camera filters (and there are lots, and they’re interesting) and then import both a RAW and a jpeg with the filter processing. Then I must have changed a setting because the last time I made images with effects in-camera, which were obviously jpegs, they did not come over with the RAW files. I’ve been meaning to figure out why but Spring intervened….
    I like the drama of the first shot but the broken branch is too dark, so I prefer the second. 🙂

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    • Adrian Lewis says:

      No, and I asked Amateur Photographer magazine about this too, LR removes any “looks” etc given to Raw files as it imports them, while not doing this with jpegs. That’s why, for example, LR has duplicated the “looks” for each camera in Develop>Basic>Profiles. I’m lucky, I’m short-sighted, but its the kind of short sight that enables me to look very closely at things without my glasses, so I can use the screen >>> but, also, mirrorless cameras enable you to look at edited images through the viewfinder, which is often better than using the screen. A 🙂


  3. Of these two, I prefer the darker, but like Sherry, I wonder what a compromise would look like.

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  4. Meanderer says:

    The first image is certainly dark and brooding and conveys a feeling. I do, however, prefer the second image for its lighter feeling (maybe something to do with the recent Wintery feel to the weather: dark grey skies, extremely strong winds, and cold temps) 🙂

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  5. All this camera talk reads like this to me: eyugsrulhfdfhfsghffhfdggvjncxgyuhfnki😱
    But I know what I like and it’s the second. And Duvel optional?!?!?!? Blasphemy!!! 😉

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    • Adrian Lewis says:

      LOL!!! >>> LOVE “eyugsrulhfdfhfsghffhfdggvjncxgyuhfnki”!!! Is that something that, on your side of The Pond, is used as a conversational ice breaker in the candlelit suppers hosted by polite society? Fascinating to get a glimpse into this culture!

      And as to the second, you may well be right – here my choice changes daily.

      And absolutely right about the Duvel >>> I must have been having a senile moment when writing that, the lights were on but nobody was …

      And so, bursting into song – and it has to be Lennon and McCartney – “With love from me to you!” xxxXXX!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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  6. Sherry Felix says:

    How about making it half way between both 🙂

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  7. paula graham says:

    Agreed, difficult to chose between , as I like both!!

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