Morning light on Queen’s Sedge Moor, with the higher, more thickly wooded ground around Launcherley rising in the background.

This picture, well, this picture …  It was a beautiful place on a fine morning and it reminds me of being there, but I just don’t have any deep feelings about it.  To me its getting over a little bit too much towards the picturesque – it could be a postcard.

Click onto the image to open a larger version in a separate window, and click onto that image to enlarge it further.

Technique: Z 6 with 70-300 Nikkor lens used in DX (= APS-C) format to give 450mm; 800 ISO; Lightroom, using the Camera Neutral V2 picture control; Silver Efex Pro 2, starting at the Centre Focus preset and adding a split tone; Queen’s Sedge Moor, on the Somerset Levels; 24 May 2019.

About Adrian Lewis
Photographer working in monochrome, colour and combinations of the two - with a great liking for many types of subject, including Minimalism, landscapes, abstracts, soft colour, people, movement, nature - I like to be adventurous in my photography, trying new ideas and working in many genres. And I'm fond of Full English Breakfasts and Duvel golden ale, though not necessarily together.


  1. I accept your critique, but I get a nice feeling for this scene anyway. A lot has to do with that light.

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  2. oneowner says:

    I love postcards! Nice work.

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  3. Meanderer says:

    I like this very much. It kind of encapsulates feelings of a pleasant temperate day in the English countryside; a sort of montage of many different days out wandering about 🙂

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  4. I think it’s the darks and the lights that make it so interesting. Postcard? Maybe but still – you got that artist’s eye. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼


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  5. I took a closer look. More forest and meadow, not clouds. But they sort of look like distant clouds.

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  6. It is a nice picture. Your own critique is fascinating. I see an interesting potential crop in the upper portion of the picture where two rows of trees in parallel form sort of a wave with fascinating clouds behind them.

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    • Adrian Lewis says:

      Oh, you know, I have these thoughts >>> and, seeing no reason not to be honest (try not to drown in the double negative!), I plaster them down on the blog >>> but, looking at this again now, I’m still getting the same feelings, so it wasn’t a momentary mental blip! Somehow, I just don’t feel that the picture contains a lot >>> but, then again, one thing about blogging is that its not just a receptacle for our best images, a whole range should be included >>> and several times I’ve posted pictures I’m really not sure about which have ended up being appreciated. C’est la vie! A 🙂

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  7. paula graham says:

    Lovely Pastoral scene.

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