The days lengthen as spring moves towards summer – the longest day of the year is not that far away – and so to leaving home even earlier than usual for the drives down to the Levels.  I’ve always promised myself I’ll do these even earlier starts – and so to it!  The benefits?  Well, more early morning light, being out more in the (for me) best part of the day – and, more prosaically, (even) less traffic on the roads.  And then afterwards – my version of après ski – returning home totally shattered, and having absolutely no option other than to subside gratefully with several, absolutely delicious, Belgian golden beers – Duvel and Duvel Citra are the names on the bottles, my friends, and long may they blossom and gladden the heart!

And rather than always visiting the Tealham and Tadham Moors as I have done in the past, I’m exploring more on the Levels now, and using a variety of ways into these calm, damp flatlands.  Today’s route went straight down the main A38 road from Bristol, over a low gap in the Mendip Hills, and thence to a turn off to the south, in the little hamlet of Tarnock.

And almost as soon as I’d turned off the main road, low, backlit banks of mist started appearing to my left – I put my foot down, and the car shot towards them.  And so to abandoning the car in the gateway of a field beside Rose Farm and, leaping out with the camera, looking to the east.  There were sheep and lambs in the field beside the road, and the silhouettes of fences and farm implements further away – and behind them a landscape dissolving off into layers of ever increasing invisibility.

Click onto the image to open a larger version in a separate window, and click onto that image to further enlarge it – recommended.

Technique: Z 6 with 70-300 Nikkor lens at 300mm; 400 ISO; Lightroom, using the Camera Vivid V2 picture control; Silver Efex Pro 2, starting at the Antique Portrait preset; at Rose Farm, on the Somerset Levels south of Tarnock; 3 May 2019.

About Adrian Lewis
Photographer - using mono, colour and combinations of the two - many types of subject, including Minimalism, landscapes, abstracts, soft colour, people, movement, nature - I like to be adventurous, trying new ideas, working in multiple genres. And I've a weakness for Full English Breakfasts and Duvel golden ale, though not necessarily together.


  1. Mark Wade says:

    What a beautiful moment!


    • Adrian Lewis says:

      The Natural World often comes up with good things – albeit this is in part the farmed Natural World! Very good to see your blog, Mark – wonderfully imaginative images. Adrian 🙂


  2. Sallyann says:

    Well worth getting up early for. 😊 😊 😊


  3. bluebrightly says:

    Like what Meanderer said – the backlit beauty of it, and the contrast between the sheep and the equipment – fantastic. I tell myself I’ll get out earlier but I don’t – I think I’ve told you that before. I agree it’s the best time of the day though. At least someone’s making use of it. i enjoy your narrative very much, too.


    • Adrian Lewis says:

      Bloggingwise, Meanderer and I go back a long way, maybe 8 years now. Well, early mornings are a strain, but I find that planning them well ahead helps a lot – eg I’m off early again to the Levels this Friday.

      I’m very pleased and happy to hear that you enjoy the narrative thank you – I enjoy writing! A 🙂


  4. brenda says:

    this image captures the mind…the foreground invites my eyes to gaze into midground and then into the background…creating a story as I wander.


  5. dawnbirdau says:

    This is a stunning photograph! Love it!


  6. Meanderer says:

    Wonderful and very beautiful! Love the layers of soft colours, the backlit sheep, and the detail and sharpness of the farm machinery and fence. Great work, my friend 🙂


  7. If that image were mine, I would be so proud.


  8. Fine shot, Adrian! and I like that après ski thing of yours 🙂 Cheers!


  9. paula graham says:

    Fabulously well chosen spot for this photo with so much interesting ‘things’ and creatures back-lit…Lovely.


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