Looking across the street at an old, discoloured building.

The first image of this pipe, with more context, is here .

Click onto this image to open another version in a separate window, and click onto that image to enlarge it further.

Technique: X-T2 with 55-200 Fujinon lens at 157mm (equiv); 3200 ISO; Lightroom, using the Astia/Soft film simulation; Nelson Street, central Bristol; 20 Apr 2018.


  1. Buddleia gets everywhere – what it lives on I don’t know but it will colonise any crack – it just needs moisture and this image is very strongly telling me there is damp around that down pipe.


    • Yes, damp for sure, but then its an old building – a former police station where my dad used to be stationed! – and buddleia is the butterfly bush, but there don’t seem to be so many butterflies around now.


  2. I love the colours, the composition, and the character in this image.

    I have a birding question for you, my friend. We’ve had a house sparrow nest in the nest box in the garden over the last couple of weeks, and this morning – first thing – one of the chicks fledged (we knew they were ready as we had been watching them over the last couple of days). I’m guessing the other chicks had fledged earlier in the morning. Anyway, the adult male keeps returning to the nest box – looking into the hole of the compartment the chicks were in, and also peering into the two other compartments of the nest box. He seems really agitated – cheeping constantly – and sitting there, on the ledge. There is no sign of any movement from the nest box, and he isn’t bringing food. Any idea what it might mean?


    • I’ve never heard of anything like this – but then I know relatively little about most birds’ nesting habits. Two guesses would be that one or more of the nestlings are dead in the box, and/or that something nasty/carnivorous is in the box – ants, or ants devouring a dead nestling???? Or have nestlings fallen from the box, to lie dead below??? What a dreary set of possibilities!!! If you’re able to, getting up to the box and having a look in would be good – if there are any dead birds in there, then I don’t imagine any other birds will use the box. Sorry not to be more helpful. A 🙂


      • Yes – we’re wondering if a chick has died inside. We haven’t checked it as the parent has been around it all day – for over 8 hours now. It’s all so very sad. Many thanks for your thoughts, Adrian. We’ll try and have a look in there as soon as we can.

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  3. Beautiful, Adrian! I love the off-centeredness, the muted colors, the slightly soft focus – they all enhance the subject. I think that’s one of those pesky Buddleia’s – Butterfly bush – that got away. I like them but I know sometimes in England they can be weedy. This is an example of where weedy is sublime.


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