I’m married to my 55-200 Fujinon telezoom, which mirrors the 70-300mm of my very, very favourite, full-frame Nikon lens.  I also have the 10-24 Fujinon lens that is a 15-36 full-frame equivalent, but I’ve just not been able to get into using it much – and I’ve read of others finding the results of wide angle lenses tending to be formulaic in exactly the same way.

So last Friday, having no real other photographic targets in mind, I took the 10-24 into the city again – and did get a little more into it, especially when using it close-in.  And its smaller than the 55-200 and really quite handy.  But I wish it was a little longer at the upper focal length end, say up to 50mm or 75mm equivalent.  As I’ve said before, my 24-120 full frame Nikon zoom really is an extremely useful and flexible lens, the lens I’ll always take if I’m unsure what sorts of images are going to appear.

Click onto the image to open another version in a separate window, and click onto this version to enlarge it.

Technique: X-T2 with 10-24 Fujinon lens at 36mm (equiv); 800 ISO; Lightroom, using the Provia/Standard film simulation; Victoria Street, central Bristol; 4 Aug 2017.

About Adrian Lewis
Photographer working in monochrome, colour and combinations of the two - with a great liking for all sorts of images, including Minimalism, landscapes, abstracts, soft colour, people, movement, nature - I like to be adventurous in my photography, trying new ideas and working in many genres. And I'm fond of Full English Breakfasts and Duvel golden ale, though not necessarily together.


  1. bluebrightly says:

    I think when you use a particular lens a lot, you start to see everything in those terms, and it’s a little hard to switch over to one that has a different range, but sometimes it works the other way, and it’s a refreshing change, bringing new things into your view. I do love this image! And smaller is nice when you’re out and about. Oh for some rain! But even if I weren’t thirsty for rain, this would look good – the detail, composition and colors (I guess that’s partly the Provia filter) all play together so well.


    • Adrian Lewis says:

      I think you’re right, Lynn. I have no doubt that one way in which I see things is at x6 magnification, and the 300mm lengths of my mostly used Nikon and Fuji telezooms satisfy this entirely. And trying something else is a challenge, but its one that I aim to pursue. Yes, these LR versions of Fujifilm film effects are good – have you looked at LR versions of Olympus colours? Thanks for your good words, my friend. A 🙂


  2. Interesting composition; great colors!


  3. paula graham says:

    Worse ‘things’ to be married to! Nice and intriguing shot too. Love the blue.


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