Two quite similar versions of a landscape beside the road down into West Littleton – Fields of stubble beside Rushmead Lane, on the way down into West Littleton, South Gloucestershire; 7 Dec 2016.  They reflect my love both for black and white images – and for using Silver Efex Pro 2 to produce such images.  Click onto these images to see their full detail.

fields-beside-rushmead-lane-mono2 .

Silver Efex Pro 2, starting at the Silhouette EV +1.5 preset and not adding a tone, i.e. straight black and white; and with a thin black border to contain the sky.




Silver Efex Pro 2, starting at the Film Noir 2 preset and adding a light tone but no border.

For me, the upper image is (just) the more attractive.  It is starker and with more contrast than the other, and two additional (if barely perceptible) features can be seen.  First, the very thin pale line of Rushmead Lane, making its way towards West Littleton, just below the skyline at extreme upper left.  And there is the paleness of a field of green grass just between the horizon in the centre of the shot and the dark wall that cuts across the image, mostly just below the horizon, but at upper right on the skyline itself – click onto these images to have better looks at them.

The meandering dark lines are the tyre marks of tractors.

Earlier images from this day can be found here (with overall context), here, here and here.

X-T1 with 10-24 Fujinon lens at 33mm (equiv); 400 ISO; SEP2.

What a mess WordPress’s new Reader will make of presenting these two images I cannot foretell but, well, you know, this is the cross (or other religious emblem of your choice) that we now must bear – best get into this blog to view these images properly.


About Adrian Lewis
Photographer working in monochrome, colour and combinations of the two - with a great liking for all sorts of images, including Minimalism, landscapes, abstracts, soft colour, people, movement, nature - I like to be adventurous in my photography, trying new ideas and working in many genres. And I'm fond of Full English Breakfasts and Duvel golden ale, though not necessarily together.


  1. bighair63 says:

    Yes I definitely prefer the top version. I love the leading lines and the high contrast.


  2. Love black and white shades.
    Landscape seems so calm.


  3. Sallyann says:

    Hmmn, I think the top one. You know me, I’m drawn to colour of any kind, but the top one takes me further into the picture. 😊


    • Adrian Lewis says:

      Yes I know you and colour – orange, orange and orange … and did I mention orange??? …. 😉

      I agree with you, its the top one, and as someone else (and you!) has said, its the better leading lines, taking our eyes further into the picture. I hope you’re having a good festive season, my friend! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  4. fantastic viewpoint!


  5. bluebrightly says:

    I like the top one better, too. For me, it’s because it shows the curvy tractor tire lines better, and they draw my eyes around the image. It looks less harsh too, from top to bottom – there’s a smoother transition in the first one.
    Silver Efex is very enjoyable but I managed to do today’s black and white (the city scene at https://bluebrightly.com) with just LR, and an old version of LR at that. The willow tree in the same post was with Silver Efex, though. Damned if I remember what I did! It was one of those situations where you scroll through to see which filter fits the photo best, then fiddle just a little. 😉


    • Adrian Lewis says:

      Thanks for your thoughts, my friend – I’ve just been over to your blog to see the city scene – excellent! But with me I suppose its almost an article of faith to use Silver Efex for my mono shots, its unthinkable to use LR. I do use LR to get an initial idea of whether a shot has any B+W potential; if it has, then I carefully give it pretty minimal processing in LR before exporting a 16 bit tiff for use in SEP2 (or CEP4). When I’ve completed the SEP2 processing, I use the File Save As command in Elements to add the name of the SEP2 filter that I started out from to the processed image’s file name. As always, very good talking with you! A 🙂


      • bluebrightly says:

        Great idea to add the filter name to the file name…at least, like you said, the one you started with. There are times that I use three or four! But seriously, I may start doing that. 🙂


        • Adrian Lewis says:

          Well there’s something I have never even contemplated – you have switched a little light bulb on in the FATman “mind” – I have only EVER used ONE SEP2 preset as the basis for my B+W, the idea of using more than one has NEVER occurred to me!!! Thank you for that, Lynn!!! I’m not at all sure I’ll change my methods, but you have opened another vast arena of potential for me – thank you! 🙂 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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