I rarely get enthusiastic about boats, I can’t even swim, but as soon as I caught sight of the Sharon Tracey in the little harbour at Porthleven, it was love at first sight!   I mean, what a dinky (in the British sense of the word) little boat, decked out in blue and yellow, lounging around slightly askew at low water, her little boarding ladder on the left, and one of her tiny propellers visible on the right.  Here is almost toy-like beauty.

But this is flagged as a post about people and, although Sharon may well have a personality of her own, this photo – to me, anyway – is about the man, whom I’m presuming is the boat’s owner.  Here is someone who must be into boats, seriously into boats, and how happy and proud he must be to skipper this little floating gem.  We Brits have a phrase – messing about in boats – and here’s someone, in jeans, Wellington boots and body warmer, who does it a lot – and doubtless enjoys it a lot too.

I would guess that he’s a fisherman of one sort or another, maybe he has some crab or lobster pots a little way offshore, something like that, or maybe he actually fishes.  What a life, far away from urban sprawl, commuting and rush hour traffic.  I don’t know him at all, but I would imagine that he loves being in this little boat, that he has some good quality of life, and that he’s happy in what he does – as modern idiom would put it, “WAY TO GO, MAN, WAY TO GO!!!”.

Click onto the image to see a (much!) larger version in a separate window.

X-T1 with 55-200 Fujinon lens at 300mm (equiv); 800 ISO; Porthleven harbour, Cornwall; 18 Oct 2016.


  1. Yes – I remember we share a lack of something in the swimming world. I shan’t bring to life the sheer fear and misery of school swimming lessons – but I never learned. But yes – a story to be told around the man who stands alongside Sharon. The dream of doing something far far away from stress and pressures of a life dictated to us by whom …….


    • Oh, school swimming lessons – fear and misery truly sum those up! And I hated PE lessons too – and just when my sports masters had consigned me to the rubbish bin, I confounded them all by regularly playing front row forward for the school’s rugby team!

      I’ve been retired over 3.5 years now and am doing my best, largely successfully, to avoid Life’s stresses and pressures. And materialism too, the urge to keep on acquiring more and more stuff – although, in my cosmology, Duvel (and its Belgian kin) have moved outside of – have risen above! – “stuff’s” definition! 😀

      Oh, if you don’t already know of it, a film/dvd to see: The Lady In The Van. A

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      • Playing rugby for the school team – a great way of confounding the sports masters! I disliked PE too and found many ways of opting out of it; too many stories to tell of that (and the punishments dished out in response!). I liked hockey and tennis, though, and managed to play for the school hockey team in a European tournament! I really wasn’t good enough – played it for fun really – but I think the teacher was short of players and looked to the year above to fill the gaps. I was played on the wing instead of my usual left inner, and was run ragged by a tall and very fit girl 🙂

        Re: The Lady in the Van – I remember seeing it at a theatre (can’t remember which one) many years ago. I can’t even remember who was in it, but I do know I enjoyed it. Will look out for the DVD – is it Maggie Smith who plays the lead?


        • European tournament eh, well I’m impressed!!! I played a lot of tennis too, although my style / technique was dreadful. And table tennis too, which I resurrected recently – but foot problems appear to have pit paid to that, although I can still do 5 mile walks ok.

          Yes, Maggie Smith is the Van Lady. I’ve also recently got The Theory of Everything, in which Eddie Redmayne portrays Stephen Hawking. And today I added another of his, The Danish Girl, based on fact and about a transgender pioneer.

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            • The 5 mile walks, yes, well, I’m a bit of a maniac, aren’t I? But both physically and mentally, they’re great and beneficial. Loosing more weight has really become a hard job, so I’m concentrating on keeping my weight down from now on, having a few more food “nicies”!!! 🙂

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  2. Wonderful little boat, very worthy of your attention. You read so much into this – I feel like I should challenge you to go the opposite direction. Maybe he’s plotting something evil… 😉


    • Haha! maybe he is! But what I laughingly call my mind never works (I use the term loosely!) along those lines! Perhaps I’m just saintly … or not, as the case may be … 😀 Was thinking of you yesterday, I was out >>>birdwatching<<< on the Somerset Levels, and there were smoke-like clouds of Starlings, Fieldfares chuckling overhead, and flocks of Lapwings too. First birding I've done for ages. A


    • In southwestern England, it probably is too much to ask on most days – but I did a long day on a large ship, the only time I’ve ever been out of sight of land on a boat, far SW of Cornwall, birdwatching, and it was calm (and blisteringly hot) all day. What this little boat must be like in a choppy sea I hate to think!


  3. Hmmm, nice shot, your man , I think he is looking on his phone, probably to see when the water returns!!…Sweet little boat, but ..I bet it bobs about a lot, even on tiny waves. Messing about on water is lots of people’s fun, not mine!! I think that type of boat is used for fishing.


    • Yes, you’re right, I bet this little boat is not something to be caught in during heavy seas. No, not my idea of fun either, unless its a much bigger boat! As a passionate birder, I did quite a bit in small boats, and some in small aircraft too, and neither were my favourite means of travel. But, nevertheless, this little boat appeals to me – skippering her must be a very, very hands on experience.

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