We were on holiday again recently, in a caravan in the far southwest of Cornwall and, especially towards each day’s end, there were extended periods of glorious inactivity, when everything around could be looked at and taken in.  Our caravan’s door had a frosted glass panel, and this warped glass twisted and turned our view of everything outside – and so to this.  I can’t remember what the white object against the green glass was, but does that matter?

Well, maybe it does, maybe it doesn’t.  You may not feel comfortable with this image.  I have found that my and many others’ first reaction on being presented with such an abstract is to try and discover what it is, what the reality is, of what we’re being shown.  Well, in this instance, I don’t know what the image shows, and there may remain the urge for greater reality, for something real and knowable to fix your eyes and thoughts upon. 

What do you think – about abstracts in general, and about this one in particular?

X-T1 with 55-200 Fujinon lens at 226mm (equiv); 800 ISO; image rotated; 18 Oct 2016.


  1. Because I love the way the sun reflects off the water in just about any situation I immediately took a liking to this photo. Rather than seeing something abstract I just assumed that the crinkles reflecting in the water were the side of a mountain. This was before reading your narrative, of course. Looking more carefully, mid right of the reflection, I see two maybe three crosses. I know I’m weird. But I see them. And they reminded me of my Catholic upbringing and Good Friday. You asked. This is what I see. 😍
    Hope your doing well, bud.


    • I think I can see the crosses but I’m not sure >>> but that’s not the point, the point is that you can see them and that’s what matters, that’s important, and if they serve to remind you of your religious upbringing, well then I’m very happy!

      Yes, I asked, and I’m always happy when people respond by expressing themselves freely and fully. And “weird” is a word with a whole rainbow of connotations, many of which are negative. But it can also refer to people and things that are not in the mainstream, and being outside of the mainstream, daring to think for oneself, can be a very valuable thing.

      I’m doing well thanks, not least because I’m looking forward to lunch with a friend in a country pub! Hope you’re fine too. ATP XXXXXX!!!!!

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  2. I love abstracts…leaves you to ‘feel’ the photo and in this case I thought what a classy shot of a ditch in early morning light!!!..Just shows you, you do not even have to get out of the house/caravan/dwelling to produce an interesting photo. Good idea!!!


    • Paula, thank you for your very encouraging words! On another thing, isn’t it sad that our friend Malin has stopped blogging, I feel very sad about it. I don’t claim to have understood all of the nuances of her images, I think you are far better on these things than I am, but I did always find her posts a great source of thought and mental stimulation. A


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