Shop window display, behind security bars, Park Street; 16 Sept 2016.

Walking up Park Street, with the slow footsteps that allow me to really take in my surroundings, rather than the brisker gait that, letting me see far less, gets me places.  And suddenly this shop window on my left and, through the bars, a face that sends all thoughts of my other surroundings very far away. 

Quite apart from that piercing eye set in that striking face, there are the two red hands, held up on either side.

I know very little about the deities (or manifestations of a single deity) of the Hindu religion but could very easily be fascinated by them.  I believe this elephant-headed figure to be the god Ganesha, amongst other attributes a remover of obstacles, and a deity revered by Jains and Buddhists, as well as Hindus.

I am in awe of cultures that produce effigies like this one, as I am of the religions themselves.

Click onto the image to open a larger version in a separate window.

X-T1 with 55-200 Fujinon lens at 305mm (equiv); 400 ISO.


  1. That’s a very unusual, eye-catching, and striking image, Adrian – also rather poignant: I think it’s the positioning of the eye between the bars. Made me think about elephants in captivity – circus animals.


    • Love all this Comment Mayhem! Don’t know what you’re on, but send some soonest (unless its fruit tea of course … 😉 …) WordPress has its moments, and today has seen several.

      Yes, the eye is the thing, and the whole scene struck me as I walked past it. I wonder if many animals are still in circuses, I suppose many are, in other countries – I recall reading about a South American zoo providing a home for (?) lions) from a circus recently. And the trade in endangered species is sure as hell alive. All very depressing really.

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      • There have been some ads on TV recently from animal charities showing awful scenes of mistreated animals: bears, elephants, monkeys – many of which have been used in circuses. It really is depressing.


            • I’m a passionate believer in Brexit. I believe that we should be a part of Europe, but that that is quite a different thing to being governed by Europe. And I think that the current furore is laying bare the pretence of our so-called democracy. A referendum has taken place in which everyone had a chance to have their say – which must be democracy at its most fundamental. Yet now so many people would like to derail the referendum’s outcome. I am appalled. 😦

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                • I hope very, very much that Brexit is carried through, I do feel that the EU has metamorphosed into something very, very undesirable. Whatever happens, I’m happy that the referendum vote has thrown a spanner in the works. Many see it as a protest vote and I agree with that. I don’t think that successive UK governments have reflected public feeling, but rather have pursued a line of their own that was wilfully out of touch with the people. I think that Project Fear, the swathe of government-sponsored scare stories that tried to influence the referendum vote, clearly shows to what extent we were being manipulated.

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  2. As the god of removing obstacles and the god of new beginnings this couldn’t have come at a better time. My friend, bud, to the rescue. I will click and save this image and keep it on my phone until my house is sold. It’s been a rough road trying to get this done and we have, just this weekend, changed realtors. This is the charm that will get this done. Thanks, bud. ❤️


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