Feral Pigeon Columba livia on masonry beside Bristol Bridge, central Bristol; 16 Sept 2016.

This is the pigeon familiar in many of the world’s towns and cities.  It is descended from the wild Rock Dove, which this individual closely resembles, which is now found in the truly wild state in the UK only in the wild and rocky country of the far west and northwest.  Due to centuries of interbreeding, including use as a food source in medieval castles under siege, the plumage of these town pigeons can have a great variety of other colours and patterns.

Start scattering bread crumbs in many city centres and you will soon have many of these birds as your firm friends!

X-T1 with 55-200 Fujinon lens at 305mm (equiv); 6400 ISO.


  1. 😊 It seems we were both looking to pigeons for our entertain weekend…
    Your’s watching you carefully… Mine… Well, mine without an apparent care in their world.


  2. All pigeons are vilified by so many, : dirty, smelly, eat farmer’s corn! , farmer loses more corn on the way to the storage barn than pigeon ever eats…I LIKE PIGEONS..they have a startling beauty if you see them in the right light. This is my ODE to pigeons! Nice shot my friend, you have done him proud.


    • Oh I agree about many’s attitude to pigeons, but then increasing numbers lead lives more or less divorced from natural things, including the countryside. Our neighbours never ever actually go out in the countryside, despite having a huge 4×4. I like pigeons too, tho I must say that, to me, they don’t have the character of, say, Starlings or crows – but I like all birds when it comes to it, what else am I going to say??? Thanks for your appreciation, Paula. A

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