George Ann Weaver 21 May 1942 – 11 Feb 2016

Photo credit!!! >>> George Weaver, from the “About Me” page on her blog

There are many wonderful things in Life and, in amongst all those things, there are encounters with people who truly inspire the spirit and uplift the soul.  George Weaver was one of those beautiful people.

I met her through her WordPress blog, She kept a parrot.  She wrote it for her grandson, Charlie, so that he would have something to remember her by after her death.  It fulfils that role now.

I  am struck by her blog’s content.  I’m really into images, often irrespective of their stories or implications.  But, along with George’s beautiful pictures of living (and dead) things, her blog hit me with its vibrance and sheer joy in – and wonderful attitudes to – Life.  It was like no other blog I know, it was vivid and felt so very much alive.

She kept a parrot is still on line.  You could do a lot worse than to pop over and have a look through it.

Long before her death, George knew that she was seriously, potentially terminally, ill.  She chose not to receive medical treatment, and faced death with a great deal of both courage and common sense.

She and I corresponded regularly and, maybe not least because neither of us were exactly spring chickens and also because we shared a love the Natural world, we found that we had much in common.  It is a vast pleasure to have known her, a vast pleasure the warmth and glow of which, for me at least, counteracts somewhat the sorrow of losing her. 

I have been enriched by her friendship, humanity and humour.

Thank you, George.

Adrian xxx


  1. Strange I should come across this photo, her blog was one of the first I read when I started mine many years ago. I will go back and look at it again.


  2. She was amazing. I kept waiting for word of what I knew was coming, and it finally came…but what a gift she gave, expressing herself so well and touching so many with her irreverence and stare-death-in-face attitude, and the tender side we saw in her care for her grandson, the parrots, the chameleons….yes, she was unique! She showed others that bravery and dignity are possible.


  3. Thank you for the wonderful tribute. I was George’s friend for 30+ years and was fortunate to live in the same town so we could visit often. She considered me her personal computer & photography guru, though I’m not exactly sure why because George was pretty darn savvy herself. For over a year now, since her diagnosis, I made it a point to stop by George’s house and visit weekly, and much more frequently in the past few months. She had a wonderful airy patio, very reminiscent of the Hemingway-esque era, where we’d sit and talk and attempt to solve the world’s problems. George was very mindful of her blogger friends and convinced me to start my own blog so I could mingle with her fellow bloggers. I’m fortunate to have with her, in person, up until the very end and see her off on her journey to the other side.


    • Raymond, thank you very much for your good words, its very good to hear from you. As you say, I think George did know more than we thought about both computers and photography, but she often mentioned her helper and guru and I’m sure that you made a solid contribution to both her photography and her blog, and for that we owe you a big vote of thanks. So many of us would have loved to have met her. And that you were with her to the very end is a very comforting thought. Thank you again, my friend. Adrian

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  4. I have come to know George only through my all-too-casual observations of her eloquent comments on your posts. I have followed the links to her home site several times, but have not taken the extra step to introduce myself, and that I regret. I thank you for allowing me to meet her, albeit only tangentially.


  5. I’m going to miss George! I wish I could have met her in person. Such a gentle and considerate soul. Her blog always brightened my day even with her honesty and her fabulous chameleons. Her grandson can be incredibly proud of her for how she fully lived her life even when she knew she didn’t have much longer.


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