Roadside fence on Walton Hill, on the top of the Polden Hills; 13 Jan 2016.

The title of this post is just what this isn’t, if you see what I mean – but then what farmer wants people spilling over onto his fields from a small car park beside a busy main road?

The rotation of the image brings side lighting from the right which ups the atmosphere.  The wooden elements are vaguely cruciform, the yellow lichen takes on the mantle of some creeping disease or disfiguration, and the snaking barbed wire speaks to me of naked (and industrialised) pain, persecution and exclusion.  Looking at this, I can’t help but think of a crucifixion, albeit not one with any religious connotations.  FATman Photos gives you something of an apocalypse on this Saturday morning.

D800 with 70-300 Nikkor at 300mm; 1600 ISO; Silver Efex Pro 2, starting at the Film Noir 1 preset and selectively restoring colour; rotated 90 degrees clockwise.


    • You’re absolutely right, bud (LOVE that!), it could do with more of the top piece of fence >>> but nothing like this shot was in my (tiny) mind when I took the photo – which may leave me defenceless… Thanks for your thoughts, as always – hope you’re doing alright! ATP xxx

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  1. Oh no, this won’t do at all, I’ve been up since almost the wee hours and have spent my time so far this morning putting the finishing touches to a blanket I’ve been making for Eldest Daughter. A break for my eyes has just been spent, via the kettle for suitable refreshments, with cuddles from Pollyanna. She is particularly quiet and stays very close for protection again at the moment as she heads into another shed.
    In which case, the snaking barbed wire doesn’t speak to me of pain and persecution, to me the intricately spun pattern of the wire is a delicate protection for the farmer’s fence and the lichen has taken shelter in this protection for its colour to survive, enentually through the winter. 😊


    • Oh god! – I mean, oh GOOOOODDDDD! – there’s no pleasing everyone!!! hahahaha!!!!! … I’ll try to refrain from reptilian allusions from here on in … don’t want to fall foul of the Snakes Protection League 😀 !!!

      So if Pollyanna is heading into another shed, does that mean that she owns more than one? >>> which immediately puts me in mind of Monty Python’s (HOW APT!!!) “Two Sheds” sketch.

      But how can barbed wire be “delicate protection”???!!! What are you on? Besides python, that is? And can I have some, Pretty Please!?

      Its very good to hear from you, Hallysann – I hope the (slightly) longer days are getting to you. Thanks for all your good words. Adrian 🙂

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      • Hmmn, maybe intricate would have been a better word than delicate. 😊
        As for what I’m on, if you picked me up and shook me I’d probably rattle but we’re playing with the thyroid with quite pleasing results. 😊
        And of course, the appearance of snowdrops and daffodils always works wonders at this time of year.
        Oh yes, and Pollyanna is just heading into her third shed!!!. 🙂


        • I understand the rattle, hope you’re doing ok, I see more WP posts from you which must be a good sign – and we’re steadily chewing our way (and swimming our way!) through Winter’s last month! Look after yourself, my friend. 🙂

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