I recently posted a picture of a gull and, mentioning that it was one of my very favourite images, I attempted to say why.  This has prompted me to bring to fruition something that has been in my mind for sometime, which is to post my favourite pictures in a new Category – FAVOURITES.  This is my first attempt.

The rationale behind this Category is that I will try to explain just why I like a few of my images, why they are special to me.  And they will of course all be past images, ones that have stood the test of time – which brings me to an important point.  I don’t know about you, but I certainly find that while I can be quite enthusiastic about an image when I’m posting it, that enthusiasm can often wane quite substantially (and rapidly!) afterwards.  Which is why many of my blog’s images do not make it into the books of my more liked images that I construct (via Blurb) more or less annually.

And this is exactly as it should be.  I read somewhere that one should NOT only blog one’s absolutely best or favourite images, but many others too – for two reasons.

REASON ONE of course is what I’ve just been saying – that it often takes quite a while for an image to establish itself as a time-enduring favourite – one that stands out from the crowd, at least in terms of our own personal preferences, over the years and decades.  I for one find it hard to identify a favourite image any time soon after I’ve taken it.

And REASON TWO is a part of what blogging is all about – which is getting others’ opinions and feedback on my images.  It must be said that such feedback is usually good – not necessarily because my images are good, but because neutral or negative opinions rarely appear – we feel uncomfortable doing that, we don’t want the aggro (who needs it?) and we think it maybe a little impolite.

But, it is in any case good to hear from people – above my Comments box I say that blogging has two pleasures for me, creating the images and hearing your views on them.  And there are also the “revelations”, where images that I was honestly in two minds about posting attract good thoughts >>> which only goes to bolster a core certainty of mine with regard to photography and indeed anything else, that we are all, each and every one, gloriously different in our preferences.

Oh, and no technical details beyond considerations of composition will be given on these posts – so techies should “look away now” – this will be mainly subjective.  Details of camera etc are given on the original posts.


This picture reflects another core belief of mine – which is that lack of focus in an image can be just as valuable as pin sharp detail.  Although some images may merit biting front to back sharpness, there is absolutely nothing wrong with having areas of out of focus blur.  On the one hand, such images can be seen as visual impressions – and I am a great fan of Impressionist painters.  And as with areas on darkness (and sometimes lightness too) in an image, not being able to see some things clearly (or not at all) can intrigue the viewer, evoking a very useful feeling of mystery, making the viewer want to look at an image more, trying to see more and/or understand more within it.

On the original post I wrote: “Light streamed in from a single window to the right, blazing across her white fur and highlighting the translucent pink of her ear.  A very shallow depth of field, sharp focus extending across from her left ear to the lashes above her left eye, with everything else blurring into a soft and vague impression.“.

So, simply looking at this image, its true to say that I feel good about it – it never fails to bring me a lot of pleasure.


Most of my appreciation here is visual, but the post’s title raises other issues.

I started out as an amateur (and later, professional) geologist about 60 years ago, and geology is a fundamental part of my being – as are the extensions of geology beyond our planet to the Solar System and everything beyond.  While understanding that events prior to the formation of the Universe as we know it are a mystery, and that “supernatural” things may have occurred then, I take the possibly simplistic view that all things happening after the “Big Bang” have been due to natural as opposed to divine or creationist causes.  And that these naturally occurring events certainly include the formation of our planet, and the formation and evolution of living things – including ourselves – on our planet.

But combined with all of this solid belief in science, I do have another side, a more spiritual side perhaps, that centres around a substantial love and feeling for Natural things.  Maybe this reflects my Pagan leanings, I don’t know, but if any religion claims a part of me then Paganism certainly is it.

And this post’s title reflects this.  First, by hinting at my love of cats (as an only child, I spent my first 13 or so years in the good company of one), and my great admiration for their grace and beauty.  And second, by making the point that aside from believing in the purely scientific origin of Life on our planet, I hold no other beliefs on that subject at all.  I must be honest here and add that I wish I could hold other beliefs, no matter how bizarre they might be.  But I know that to do that would simply be fooling myself, and I have no wish to live a lie.

I hope you have enjoyed this post.

This image was originally posted on 13 Aug 2014, as Bristol 81.

About Adrian Lewis
Photographer working in monochrome, colour and combinations of the two - with a great liking for all sorts of images, including Minimalism, landscapes, abstracts, soft colour, people, movement, nature - I like to be adventurous in my photography, trying new ideas and working in many genres. And I'm fond of Full English Breakfasts and Duvel golden ale, though not necessarily together.


  1. I love cats and categories!! Lets put the magic and mystery back where it belongs – nature. A very happy New Year!


  2. athyfoto says:

    Well, let me just start by saying “I don’t like cats”, for various reasons that I don’t care to explain here.
    Then let me say that I really like your picture! Really well executed and thoughtfully processed in my opinion.
    I whole heartedly agree with everything you say in the THIS PICTURE – WHAT MY EYES SEE section.
    Finally I wouldn’t want to comment on what you say in the THIS PICTURE – WHAT MY HEART FEELS section.
    Thanks for yet another enjoyable post.



    • Adrian Lewis says:

      Frank, thank you very much indeed for taking the time to comment at length – I value such feedback. Glad you find this post a positive experience. And don’t worry about nor wanting to comment on the HEART section, this is me getting a little deep – not sure I can expect any comments on these things, they are so intensely personal. Thank you again. Adrian


  3. …I really love to read you, Adrian! Very good feeling about all of this… (…smiling and smiling for you…)


  4. paula graham says:

    Beautiful thoughtful cat photo and yes..to be true to yourself is the key to ‘happiness’, me thinks.

    Liked by 1 person

This blog has two pleasures for me - creating the images and hearing from you - so get your thoughts out to the world!

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