FANTASY: well, what the title says – with a desperate stab at modernity,  “It does what it says in the title!“.  And maybe its The Advertising Of The Future – after all, if you place your empty hoarding in front of what you’re advertising, you do away with the need for the actual advert …

REALITY: empty advertising / information display on the beach at West Bay, Dorset; 5 Oct 2005.  Right from the moment I pressed the OM-4’s (wonderfully quiet) shutter release, the quest with this image was for unreality.  And so, using my little telezoom (how I miss those tiny Zuiko lenses!), all else but the empty display, beach and sky was cropped out of the frame – and knowing that Fuji’s wonderful colour slide film was going to be push processed by two stops, I knew that the resulting colours might well be more … imaginative … than true …

And finally, a decade later, a little (but only a little) tweaking in CEP4.

If your eyes can stand it – no free sunglasses on this blog! –  you can see a larger version of this image by clicking onto it.

OM-4 with 75-150 Zuiko at 150mm; Fuji Provia 400 colour slide rated at 1600 ISO; Color Efex Pro 4.


  1. Fantasy or reality – you know which one I prefer. This is so surreal and makes me think of Salvador Dalí and some of René Magritte. I have always been fascinated by surrealism. I remember the first time I saw Salvador Dalì’s artwork in a book and I was scared… (I must have been 7 or 8 years old) but I couldn’t stop looking. It was mesmerizing…


    • Haha! >>> yes, I know which one you prefer, my friend! I’m a Dali fan too – his drooping clocks are framed above our mantelpiece – and I like Magritte. Thanks for your good thoughts. A 🙂


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