Common Zebra with foal, Amboseli National Park, Kenya; July 1978. 

These two animals were caught in a momentary shaft of sunlight – in the great darkness behind them are the lower slopes of Mt Kilimanjaro, completely swathed in cloud.  They look almost like statues – or like dancers, with the foal caught in mid turn. 

OM-1 with 75-150 Zuiko at 150mm; Agfa CT18 colour slide rated at 64 ISO; converted to mono, and enhanced, with Silver Efex Pro.



  1. It’s interesting how different this looks from newer color photos of African (or other) wildlife, which always tend towards the super sharp, the technically “perfect” whatever that means. Converting a slide is bound to add noise, isn’t it? But it works. It’s a more artistic shot, more about the shapes and forms, I think, than the typical shot that tries to look as “lifelike” as possible.


    • Lynn, thank you. Yes, it is more artistic, that’s what I often try to be (with varying degrees of success – OMG!). And it makes me think how I’d handle photographing Kenya now, as opposed to how I handled it – on film! – all those years ago. I have a feeling I’d go more for the arty rather than for technically perfect representations, and I’d photograph more people too. If you’re interested in seeing shots of African wildlife that veer very much away from “the norm”, have a look at the moody creations of Nick Brandt, I think you might enjoy them – I have a couple of his books, whereas perfect representations of African wildlife I’m not into. Adrian


    • Haha, hope the opportunity comes your way! And by the way, did you receive my email re SEP2 presets? I’ve had a look at one of these presets in Windows Notepad and in fact it is simply a series of SEP2 adjustments – so that even if you or I were not able to install the extra presets in our SEP2, we could simply set up Custom presets using these adjustments. A


  2. Impossible , almost , to train like horses and ride them, although someone did have a team that pulled a carriage. Awesome site that must have been. Adrian, I love the photo, one of the most interesting one I have seen of the species, the light, the dark bg, the tension all come good in a super pic.


    • I wonder if the difficulty in training zebra is their relative “newness” to the human scene – whereas horses have been domesticated / trained for a vast period of time? Thank you for your good words about this image, Paula, thank you. A 🙂


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