Shore near the dam
Coot swimming below lakeside trees, near the dam at this lake’s northern end; 15 May 2015.

This was the first photo of the day, which is distinctly unusual – usually I need some warm up time, the transition from having driven somewhere and then relaxing and starting to really take in my surroundings – strong coffee often helps!  But this time I got out of the car, got the camera strap around my neck – and there was this bird swimming towards lakeside trees.  I took several shots as it moved left.  But this first shot was best as, swimming onwards, the Coot was all too soon visually entangled with the tree’s branches and their reflections.

I very much like the thick tree trunk at upper left.  It curves strongly up across that corner of the frame, anchoring things really, and its branches and leaves provide most of the image’s detail.  The Coot seems intent on getting in under the tree, invading its space.  The water was pale and almost still, and I’ve made it slightly paler still, which removes nearly all of its textures, with the notable exception of the bird’s wake.

To me, this lessening of the water’s detail makes this less like a photo.  It removes some of the realism, and perhaps makes it look somewhat oriental.

For those wanting to find out more about this lake, its full name is Chew Valley Lake, and it is situated not far south of Bristol.

Click onto the image to see a larger version in a separate window.

D700 with 70-300 Nikkor at 300mm; 400 ISO.


    • Its good to be hearing your thoughts again, my friend, they often bring new insights home to me. Yes, the Coot is going for it, although looking at my other shots, I’m not sure what “it” was! And, in various ways, I’m usually trying to simplify my pictures, so that the eye is more sure what to look at, so that it doesn’t become distracted. And in this case, removing nearly all of the water’s surface textures seemed the thing, as the picture is all about the tree and the bird. Thank you for your thoughts. A

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  1. I particularly like the way the coot’s wake on the right and the wavy branch reflections on the left call attention to themselves and to each other. I find my eye bouncing back and forth between the two and enjoying the bounce.

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    • Gary, I’m glad you like it, my friend! I know what you mean about having your eyes bouncing back and forth, its a dynamic I suppose, and I enjoy it in images too. Thank you. Adrian 🙂


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