I’d thought that I was alone in not wanting to “Switch to the improved posting experience” that WordPress claims for its new post editor, but now find that I am in fact one of many who know how good the Classic Editor is and who do not want to lose it.  In fact I wrote to WordPress Support sometime back, when they started making various changes, literally pleading with them not to disrupt the Classic Editor’s excellent functionality, but received no reply.


But now, thanks to a reblog on my friend Sue Vincent’s blog, I now find that many people are askance at this move – and, more to the point, Sue’s blog provides a link to a post that details how we can adjust our blogs to maintain the Classic Editor in use.  I urge you to at least read what Dennis has to say on his post, and to read the comments.


I’m not sure I’m up to the technicalities involved but I’m going to look at this seriously >>> and the more of us who know about this issue and who voice discontent, the better.


So please reblog this post – or Dennis’s comes to that – to spread this news as widely as possible.  And make mentions on other social media too – this post will also go out on Twitter – let’s spread this around various social platforms.


Thank you!










  1. An interesting post, Adrian. I still use the Classic Editor and didn’t realise we were slowly being forced to use a new one. I also still use the classic dashboard – rarely using the alternative. I have been using the reader a little more often lately but I then immediately switch back to the classic dashboard to check on other things.

    Change online is something which we will have to keep getting used to I guess. I like to read the Guardian newspaper online, and a few weeks ago they changed to the long tried-out Beta version permanently. It turned a pleasurable – easy to navigate – experience into a nightmare. The Beeb has also just changed the format of its news website – albeit, a less dramatic change. The reason for all the changes is to help ipad and phone users and users of twitter and so on. Apparently desktops and laptops are things of the past – although I recently read that more people are returning to larger screen devices.

    In response to your question to Andy, above, if you want to change your browser simply go to the site of your new browser of choice. I use Firefox – have done for years – and I recommend it. Their website is You can dowload it from there. If you want Chrome check out their site and do the same.


    • OK, OK – and then again, oh dear, oh dear, oh dear – I really am a novice in such things, so please can you (and Andy too, maybe!) talk me through this …. one step at a time???

      I go to the Mozilla site and download their browser. Does it automatically take over from Internet Explorer, or is there somewhere that I have to opt to use it? And if I don’t like it, can I get back to IE?

      And will it not affect the workings of my blog at all?

      Apologies for being so naïve here, but IT is really not my thing, I just make use of it. Any help / reassurance will be worth its weight in gold!!! A 🙂


      • Yes – go to the Mozilla site and click on the download button. The url Andy has given is a more direct link through to the dowload page. Follow the instructions and you will probably be given an option at the end as to whether you want Firefox as your default browser. You can decide that at the time. You won’t lose IE from your computer and can revert back even if you choose Firefox as your default. I can choose from Firefox, IE, or Opera on my computer. Firefox is my browser of choice for many reasons: I am a fan of open source software, it is easy to use, fast, non-clunky, and you can tailor all kinds of options to suit how you use the ‘net. If these sound interesting to you, then give it a go. I’ve been using it for about ten years now.

        Will it affect the workings of your blog? It shouldn’t do. I haven’t used IE for years so don’t know how my blog might look with it. There might be some slight layout and font changes but if you don’t like what you see you can revert back to IE.

        Ultimately, downloading Firefox won’t remove IE. You will have the option of using either and you can always remove Firefox completely if you really don’t like it. It is used by more and more people these days and is very popular. Let me know how you get on and if you need any more reassurance. If you are happy with IE then stay with it.

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  2. Well blogged Adrian. When I feel brave enough I will try the ‘fix’. At least I’ve done something right – I use Firefox. I still have the classic editor in place currently. I do not like enforced change and I know I’m not alone. What I so dislike is the way these geeks who enforce change just hide away behind ‘Happiness Engineers’ (what a joke that is) and appear answerable to no-one. Time for a glass of wine to sooth my nerves I think. Have a good weekend.


    • Andy, I agree with what you so dislike completely – there is a complete disregard for users’ views.

      Now a question – how does one change the browser in use, and what detrimental effects (if any) can it have on the browsing WordPress blogging experience. To be quite honest, I have no idea what browser I use – but I’m on Windows 7 and just use the one that comes with that, which must be a Microsoft product – Internet Explorer presumably. Any info, however basic, on this would be invaluable. Adrian


  3. I agree, Adrian. I hate the new editor. So far, I’ve managed to get back to the classic editor, but they try to force you to use the new one. I’ll read what Dennis says and try it…if I can figure it out! Thanks!! 🙂


  4. Hey! Thanks for sharing. I am not creator of the script but found this script to be very awesome and had to write a “how to” about it as I know how much people loved the classic editor.

    That is the reason why I do agree that this had to be shared with all others. When I found this script, I was really surprised that not much people paid attention, but on the other side, this happened due to the fact that it was posted in the forums in a thread were quite a lot of people posted negative feedback about the new WordPress editor, so that the script stayed unnoticed.. I tested the script, it worked like a charm and started to write about it.

    Our fellow tpenguinltg created this nice script:

    As I tested the script with two browsers, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, I know how to get this running. It’s easy to install at least with Chrome and Firefox, but if you need help anyway, just let me know and we take a look. 🙂

    It’s really good that there is a script that can bring back the fun.

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    • Dennis, thank you very much! I may well get back in touch with you re the nuts and bolts here. Its quite an eye opener to know that so many people are dissatisfied with WordPress’s changes. Adrian

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      • Sure, do this 🙂 As long as you use either Chrome or Firefox, I can help you out. I have no idea how this fix would work with other browsers. Just let me know in case there are still questions. If you run Chrome or Firefox, it’s really easy to apply this fix.

        I do agree. I follow the whole drama since a half year and since they started to slowly introduce all the changes, I think time is flying again, but after a while I really got sick to fight for the good old designs in the forum because it seems that WordPress doesn’t care, even if so many complained, they push these new designs forward and tell us how great these changes are. I disagree, as many others, and when they removed the link to the classic editor, I told myself “I will refuse to use the new editor, and I would take all hurdles to do so, as installing browser extensions and scripts”.

        Not sure what is wrong with the decision makers at WordPress. It’s as if you own an ice cream store and you are aware that 70% of your customers like strawberry ice, but you do push them to eat another sort, and when you notice nobody wants to, you simply remove the strawberry ice from your sortiment to make them try out something else. It’s hilarious. 🙂

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        • Dennis, I wonder if I could ask you a question? If I download the Firefox browser and install this fix, can this fix be removed again, or would it be something permanently and unstoppably working in the browser? Adrian

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          • Hey Adrian. Yes, it is possible to remove the script again. For Firefox you would need Greasemonkey as explained, Greasemonkey will be there to teach Firefox to load scripts, for example the script we talking about right now. Without Greasemonkey, the script would not be able to work anymore.

            So, one way to remove the script would be that you just do deinstall the Greasemonkey script loading extension from Firefox. This can be done in the Firefox browser under “Extras” > “Addons” > “Extensions”. if you deinstall Greasemonkey there, you will deinstall both Greasemonkey and the script you installed.

            Another way would be to just deinstall the script but not the Greasemonkey extension. You can deinstall the script in Firefox under “Extras” > “Addons” > “User scripts”. However, this is only important if you still want to use Greasemonkey for other scripts. I am for example a user who does use all kind of scripts and not only the WordPress redirect script. So, in my case it wouldn’t make sense to uninstall Greasemonkey, because it would kill all my scripts, also the scripts that are not related to WordPress.

            Concluding, if you later decide to uninstall, and if you don’t need Greasemonkey for anything else, you can just uninstall it and the script will be removed as well. If you need Greasemonkey for anything else, then do only uninstall the WordPress redirect script.

            As said the script can only work if you have an extension installed that can load scripts (Greasemonkey for example). Also the script can only work in the browser where you allowed the script to work, where you installed it (in your case it would be Firefox then). If you have it installed in Firefox, it will only work there but not in Chrome or in the Internet Explorer.

            Generally, all extensions you add to a browser can be removed later on if you decide to do it. That is why Firefox and Chrome are awesome browsers. The browser does offer you a basic functionality, but with extensions you can fully customize your online experience.

            As I see you are interested in photography too, it’s basically the same like with semi- and professional cameras. You can of course use your cameras kit lens, but you can also remove this lens and put a special macro lens, portrait lens, zoom lens or any other special lens on it to get special functionality for different situations. So, camera lenses are extensions too 🙂


              • Cool! Yes, quite a lot of people are happy with the script. WordPress shouldn’t have introduced the new editor, but it’s at least good that someone created a workaround with the script. Without the script I would now have choosen another host for my blog. I’m happy that I now don’t have to. Let me know if further questions come up 🙂

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