Fairly recently I bought a Hewlett-Packard Deskjet 2544 printer and its been giving me good service.  It was not expensive and, as seems to be the norm these days, the cost of its inks look like exceeding the cost of the actual machine quite soon.


However I keep receiving messages from HP asking me if I want to upgrade my printer software but, being quite happy with the printer as it is, I always cancel them.


Now it appears that I may have unwittingly been doing the right thing – and here I quote from a letter printed by Amateur Photographer magazine in their 5 July 2014 issue: “Another point: never permit your friendly printer company to ‘upgrade’ your software (usually in the background so that you never know).  Class it as ‘junk’ and let it be automatically binned.  The ‘upgrade’ only tells your printer how to recognise and combat the latest compatible cartridges. “. 


In other words, the printer company don’t want you using any third party inks, those budget inks that may well be cheaper than those of the printer company.  AP have published this letter and not contradicted its contents, so I imagine that they do not disbelieve it..


Can anyone provide any further input on this issue?   Does anyone know if these suppositions are in fact correct?







  1. I’m always very wary of upgrades, if it’s not broken, don’t fix it.!
    They’ve just upgraded the fabric softener which I’ve used for over the last twenty years… now it stinks!
    On a more serious note though I left updates on my phone until eventually they changed something at their end of the line which stopped my end working. I clicked on update everything and the phone went haywire. Eventually I worked through it, uninstalling things one at a time and was lucky to find the problem before I stripped the phone back to the bone.


    • I’m like you, I think there is a built in bit of me that avoids upgrades if at all possible, and just goes with what I’ve got. But your softener, is that what it is? … I thought it was the drains …. 🙂 …

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