Entrance to an underpass
Entrance to an underpass, Dalby Avenue, Bedminster; 18 Sept 2014.

A stark world of concrete, ceramic, metal and shadow – and a cable tie (centre right); the entrance to a pedestrian subway going under a busy main road.

Canon G11 PowerShot at 140mm (equivalent); 200 ISO; Silver Efex Pro 2, starting at the Film Noir 1 preset.


    • Hello, Paula – welcome back! >>> I hope your house exchanging went well; are you now a London resident??? Thanks for your good thoughts here – mystery and doom in Bedminster? I’ll get shot for saying this, but maybe that puts it rather well – except that its now turning into a rather trendy area. Adrian 🙂


  1. Nice lines and squares, but a bit grey for my liking. No wait…. the cable tie! 🙂
    Left over from a poster maybe.. one of those A4 plastic pocket pages with a picture of a missing cat maybe?
    No, a personal poster would be more likely to be tied with string, I’d go for an official poster with cable ties…
    Bicycles will be removed… Or, Slippery when wet?
    Cleaning in progress…. Ok, not even my imagination can see the last poster. 😀

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    • It was probably asking for more cable ties .. “Listen, I’m not all tied up right now …” …

      Like when a “dignitary” came to see my manager, and straight faced I said he was tied up with the auditor … (nice!) … 🙂 …

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