My original caption for this shot says most things, but two other points occur to me now.  First, I’m more than ever sure that colour is the right medium here – those rusty stains definitely enhance the image.

The other thing is that, looking at this again now, I receive the very strong impression that this is some mythical or nightmare beast, rearing up against a pale blue sky, towering over me, waving myriad, barbed and grasping tentacles.  Ah, the worlds that imagination can take us to!  To borrow an idea from The Lord Of The Rings –  my imagination, it is my preciousss!

And yes, I am a big LOTR fan, and also greatly excited by the Dark Ages / Anglo Saxon / Beowulf  era in general.  As that excellent broadcaster Michael Wood says, people in those days did actually believe that beings like dragons, trolls and so on existed.  To them, horrors like Grendel did stalk through the darkness and, when they barred their doors at the end of each day, they were never sure what was outside and what, at any moment, might break down their defences and rush in, slavering and wild, over their threshold.  Stirring stuff!


The original words here are:..
Drainpipe and climbing plants on a wall in Wimborne, Dorset; 1 Oct 2008.

I turned into a courtyard off the main street in Wimborne and this spectacular vision opened up on my left. Minimal colour, almost monochrome and in fact also looking good in b+w, but the rust tints on the pipe bring this picture alive. The pipe is just about on the left vertical third. 

F6 with 24-120 Nikkor; Fuji Provia 400X colour slide rated at 500 ISO.



  1. I wonder what that looks like now, six years on. An example of the serendipity of standing in the right place and looking the right way. And seeing the potential. A unique one-off, Adrain. And yes, the colour is critical.


    • That’s very good to hear, thank you! That’s one of photography’s basic aims, isn’t it, making the commonplace striking >>> although the subject gave me a lot of help here! Thank you again. Adrian


  2. Again, you have taken something so normal like a pipe and turned it into art. I like the rust and the complimentary pale blue watery sky. The tentacles just add to the eerie effect, very VERY cool, bud. xxx ATP


    • Sonali, I’m glad you like it, thank you! 🙂 And I agree, a lot of fantasy films, at least, should be run away from. But Lord Of The Rings holds a special place in my heart; it is of course fantasy but, written by a professor of medieval history, parts of it edge close to a world that used to exist – if only in the minds of the ancient peoples living in those times. I hope that you are continuing to recover well. Adrian 🙂


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