Golden Orb…

I first started following Lisa Kimmorley’s blog because we share a liking for Silver Efex Pro software – and then found that she knows Bristol too, and the West Country. I enjoy her photography (she is starting into infrared now), but I can only say that I am knocked completely sideways by this particular image. To me, it is an object of absolutely CRUSHING beauty, its as simple as that. It is an impression the natural world, very little is sharp – can you see the ducks? – but it moistens my eyes and moves my soul. I very much want to produce images like this one. Technicals? The almost letterbox format suits it exactly, and having the sky featureless is a decided plus – and as for the rest of it – WOW!!! Adrian

I am flat out with work at the moment and so this is the first time I have properly logged into WordPress for what seems an age (well 5 days!!), and is likely to be this way for another week or so.  In turn, I am snatching photo opportunities when I can.  This image was taken last Thursday morning just after sunrise with the fog so thick you could look at the shape of the sun 🙂

fog dam As always, click in for a larger view.

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    • Lisa, its my pleasure! I don’t make many reblogs, its only when something really impresses me, and this certainly has done that. Sue Vincent and I (below here) were talking about it looking like something by Turner and that’s certainly so. I’m glad you’ve had the extra traffic, its very well deserved. Adrian


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