A final shot of my wife’s glass of wine, this time in black and white with some restored colour; 16 Mar 2014.

As always, mono simplifies the scene.  The bright tips of the fork assume new prominence – a short and slightly sinuous line of bright points –  and the wine’s restored colour resembles an inferno in a glass. 

Nuclear fission?  Well, hardly, I mean its only rosé … but fill a glass, a bigger, balloon-type glass is best,  with Moortgat’s Duvel  or Westmalle’s Tripel (and drinking these delights at anything but room temperature is, of course, unthinkable)  … and you might feel both shaken … and stirred …

Two earlier images in this series, along with more context, are here and here.

D700 with 70-300 Nikkor at 240mm; 800 ISO; Silver Efex Pro 2, starting at the Film Noir 1 preset.


  1. Looks like a storm’s a-brewing ……… and I’m not surprised: you simply will not leave your wife’s wine alone 🙂

    Love the processing here. I can see it as the cover of a book.


    • Haha, luckily I’m not a wine lover, I very rarely drink any, although cold Cinzano has entered my affections recently. A book cover, eh? Well thank you, I’m certainly flattered! I hope you’re fine, M! A


    • Yes, it would have been rather different if I’d been drinking it – glugged in a flash! Actually wine is not my thing, tho I enjoy cold Cinzano – and good (= expensive!) quality sauternes.

      The world on a stem, good description. Glad you like it – thank you, Helen! Adrian 🙂


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