A couple having a hot drink beside the beach in the harbour at St Ives, Cornwall; 10 Oct 2013.

The man is hunched over towards the right, sipping his cuppa, while the woman is inclined towards the left, intent on screwing shut her bottle of milk.  Their two shapes tend to come together somewhat, in the shape of an arch or dome, an effect heightened by her inclined hair bun.  I’ve tried to enhance this impression of togetherness by adding a slight, pale, circular vignette.

D800 with 70-300 Nikkor at 300mm; 200 ISO; Silver Efex Pro 2’s Full Dynamic Smooth preset; mild copper toning.

About Adrian Lewis
Photographer working in monochrome, colour and combinations of the two - with a great liking for all sorts of images, including Minimalism, landscapes, abstracts, soft colour, people, movement, nature - I like to be adventurous in my photography, trying new ideas and working in many genres. And I'm fond of Full English Breakfasts and Duvel golden ale, though not necessarily together.


  1. Sonali Dalal says:

    Natural! Now i am going to pay close attention to your editing…:) love it here.


  2. LensScaper says:

    Others have said it already – this couple just belong in the same frame – composition is perfectly timed. I like the diagonal line through their heads from bottom right to top left. Processing is spot-on including the vignette. This is a ‘decisive moment ‘ of which Henri C-B would have been proud


    • Adrian Lewis says:

      Henri C-B, eh? Wow, thank you, although I had no thought of a decisive moment when I fired! I’m glad you agree about the vignette – but I hadn’t spotted the diagonal – thanks! A 🙂


  3. krikitarts says:

    Intimacy was the first descriptor that came to mind for me here (and the Meanderer got it right the first time, even though the two people are not intimately close to each other. There’s a distinct impression of a certain ease and familiarity with each other, nourished over many years. And I think your choice of the pale vignette is the perfect dot on this picture’s i!


  4. Meanderer says:

    I love this. There is an intimacy between the couple in the way they are inclined towards each other and also in their shared activity of having a cuppa. I love the lady’s topknot!

    I love the toning but wonder what made you choose a copper tone. To me it adds a vintage feel to the photo – like sepia – emphasing perhaps the older age of this couple compared – say – to the couple with the dangling feet a few days ago.


    • Adrian Lewis says:

      Hi M, thanks for your kind words – I like the topknot too!

      Now, re the copper tone. These two people were wearing quite brightly coloured jackets, the mug that he’s drinking from is bright blue, and there was some minor detail out behind them on the sea. I regarded all these features as distractions, because I had an inkling about the overall arch shape that the two of them describe and I wanted to emphasise that. So mono was the thing.

      Having arrived at that decision, I do what I always do, which is to read a .tiff version into SEP2, and then to play around with it, seeing how various treatments (presets) work, before deciding on one, and then taking the processing on from there using SEP2’s detailed, manual controls.

      Copper toning is something I like, its different from straight mono and I like its effects. The thing is though, that I don’t associate any of the mono tones with age – neither the age of the subjects, nor the “age” of the image >>> and this might be relevant for the age project you’re proposing! I’m a simple lad (but you know that already!), and when I’m processing I’m simply looking for how good an image looks overall, regardless of anything else.

      This attitude may be a shortcoming of mine, but its how I function – most of the time at least! Others (including yourself) have highlighted aspects of images that really are revelations to me – but they mostly fail to sink into my noble dome! = you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, maybe … ???? …… 🙂 Or maybe Homer Simpson and Rab C Nesbitt, two fundamental role models of mine, are beckoning … and I really am … a bit of an insensitive hooligan …. 🙂 …


      • Meanderer says:

        It’s interesting isn’t it – how when we post our images, we sort of lose control of them. What we might have intended the viewer to make of them no longer has any relevance. That’s why I love art so much. We all read our own individual meaning into it. There isn’t a right or wrong way of seeing, processing, viewing and – ultimately – of analysing and understanding.

        Thanks for your explanation. It’s good to understand the thinking behind the processing.

        With regard to the project, I’m still formulating it. I’ve had overtime at work which destroys much of the creative mind.


        • Adrian Lewis says:

          That’s right, stick to the notion that there are no right’s or wrong’s – despite what some unspeakable “people” would have us believe – and we’ll get along just infamously! 🙂

          OK, no rush at all about the project – I’m not going anywhere. You do overtime???!!! OMG, that’s something I’ve never ever done! Its gone suddenly chilly in here … like someone’s walking over my life …

          And how long is it before you can raise two shining fingers to your “workstation” aka treadmill aka “dehumaniser”?????????????????????? Are you counting the days? Have you set up a spreadsheet that deletes everything on the servers when “Interval = 0”????? My granddaughters were counting the period to Christmas in “sleeps”. A


  5. RobynG says:

    You did well Adrian! I like the composition, wonderful capture and the use of the vignette was very effective! Enjoy the day! Robyn


  6. bananabatman says:

    It looks cool and misty Adrian. Was it, or was this effect produced in the processing? This could be us in a couple of weeks when we will have, weather permitting, 2 days down there.


    • Adrian Lewis says:

      Hi Dave! It wasn’t warm, but the mistiness is really in the processing. The backdrop was the rather blank sea, but I wanted to concentrate attention on the people, so I’ve let the sea burn out – and then used the pale vignette, which is best seen bottom left, where his coat pales off towards the frame’s corner.

      I hope the weather holds out for you two – its a wonderful place! I suppose that one of my “dream locations” is St Ives harbour, on a blazingly sunny day, with the tide in – simple pleasures!

      By the way, I was pulling your leg about your sliderule in a Comment on your blog recently, and you said that you’d found a new use for the rule – its not for hitting me with is it????? 🙂 A


      • bananabatman says:

        Relax Adrian. It’s not long enough.

        I don’t think we will get blazing sun in St Ives in January, but it will be a break. The break is a Christmas present from our youngest. He says we need to get out more! 🙂


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