Couple sitting in the sun at St Ives, Cornwall; 10 Oct 2013.

Why do I call them husband and wife?  Well, because they’re of that age >>> but maybe they’re “Living In Fun”!  I very much hope so!  And as for “Living In Sin”, what a preposterous notion that is, now increasing defunct, thank goodness – but I wonder who it was thought that one up … ???? …. down FATman! … down boy!! … HEEL!!! …

What do I like about this picture?  Well, obviously, the petite lady’s feet not reaching the ground – and not being tall myself, are there seats where my feet also fail to reach the ground???  Of course there are!

And they were both eating bananas, but is that relevant???

No, it isn’t, because what draws me to this, apart from her dangling feet, are his casually crossed feet, and those oh so practical ….  vibram-soled … polished …brown ….. shoes ….  >>> people tell me that I don’t look or act my age.  Of course I know that they’re only after my money but, by the same token, if ever I am seen in polished brown shoes … well … just start looking at other blogs …. because I will be so far over the hill by that time … that when I look back behind me …..  everything will be  ……  awfully flat ……..

Despite my attempts at humour, there’s something very touching and heartwarming about this scene.  We are looking at one of the very, very good things of life, one of the things in life that are worthwhile and that really matter, and I apologise for making light of it … but I’m still going to leave my words as they originally sprang to what I, dear readers, laughingly call my mind ….

D800 with 70-300 Nikkor at 300mm; 400 ISO.

PS: I may have inadvertently posted an incomplete version of this last night – if so, I apologise for my bungling.


  1. Oh, gosh – only their feet and lower legs are showing but one can tell so much! As you have alluded to – his footwear is ultra sensible and comfortable as are his trousers. They are not walking boots but comfy town shoes. Her espadrilles show a more carefree and casual attitude but they are also a sensible and practical choice for a walk around a seaside town on a mild October day. I love the way she has chosen trousers which can be turned up to fit her height.

    They both look pretty relaxed – he with his ankles crossed, and she just letting her feet dangle loose. From their clothing choices I would say they were in their 50s and are comfortably off.

    I read with interest your feeling on brown shoes – which brought to mind a favourite monologue by the music hall artist: Stanley Holloway. He first came to my attention when at school and being read ‘The Lion and Albert’ by my English teacher and becoming totally captivated by it. A few years ago, I revisited Mr Holloway and discovered: ‘Brahn Boots’. Here is a You-tube video of the monologue:

    A bit more here about Mr Holloway.

    Apparently he used to work in a boot polish factory when he was 14 🙂


    • Blogging alongside you over the years – ok, over the two years – has been filled with unexpectedness, and with this Comment its good to see that you’ve lost none of that. Whatta lotta words, but also, whatta lotta acute observation! Good stuff! Spot on!

      I think her trousers being of a type that can be turned up to fit her height or lack thereof takes the biscuit – you leave me standing, ma’am, totally dead in the water!

      And I am of course also totally floored by espadrilles, its (or should that be, they’re) right up there, or is that down there, with balletic; and parasols I remember too. How do you know all this stuff???

      And then Stanley Holloway. Wonderful! Thank you! As always, I pirouette (and I bet that’s a word I got from you, too) in your ever broadening wake!

      Any of that any good for the cv? Mmmmm? 😉


  2. The contrast in shoes is quite striking. I’m afraid hers look all to soft and flimsy to be very comfortable or to provide much protection on that rough uneven ground.


  3. Nice catch, I wonder if they walk down the street hand in hand ?
    I’ve had the odd comment or two when I walk down the street holding onto Hubby’s hand … “how cute”, “how romantic” … but little do they know its a sign of that short leash again, enabling me to give his arm a little tug now and again when his attention wanders in the direction of a short skirt or pair of tight trousers mid sentence when he’s talking to me. 🙂


    • Thanks, Sallyann, glad you like it! The short leash, eh? Do you know, its gone suddenly chilly in here, like someone’s just walked across my leash …

      Your Hubby’s on dangerous ground, losing concentration like that. Don’t quote me, but rather than your upper limbs, wouldn’t your lower limbs be more … efficacious .. you know , a quick kick in the …. well I’ll leave you to work it out, dearie …. 🙂 …..


  4. I love this. My favorite photo of my son and his wife shows only their bare hands and feet… holding hands while they dangle over the edge of a boat. It, like this, captures, as you say, the best that life holds.

    And no… I don’t see you in polished brown shoes either 😉


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