Autumnal colours, lit by early morning sunshine, at the Priddy Mineries Reserve, high up on the Mendip Hills; 15 Nov 2003.

The picture consists of three distinct layers. A band of golden reeds forms a thin strip across the bottom of the frame; and above this a band of slightly greener reeds, with their reflections in the still pool.

Above this, and occupying the rest of the picture, the black silhouettes of the trees stand up in front of a bright, straw coloured background with strong, greener vegetational elements (bracken) running upper left toΒ lower right.

OM-4 with 300mm Zuiko; tripod; Fuji Velvia 50 colour slide rated at 64 ISO.


    • George, thank you very much! How are you today – still very early on a Saturday morning for you I guess – I hope you’re fine and – as you would say – “dandy”! πŸ™‚

      No, we’re not in Africa yet – how I miss those wilds! – but stay tuned and more African pics will appear in due course. Take good care of yourself, my friend! Adrian


  1. I like your choice of composition very much here, and the deep, warm tones are most welcome on this blustery and cold (-8.3C) day here. I’m not planning on going out at all!


    • Thank you, Gary, much appreciated! Boy you people over there have cold days! Here its milder, but mountainous tides and strong following winds are causing coastal flooding – even the low lying centre of Bristol has been hit. Luckily we’re up on a hill! Adrian


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