Camborne, Cornwall: mannequin in a shop window; 9 Oct 2013.

I take shots of these dummies from time to time.  Here I was attracted by that loosely hanging, white hand, but now I’m also looking at the hairy red sweater with its horizontal stripes, and the plastic “water droplets” on those fashionably distressed jeans.  The black backdrop keeps it simple.

D800 with 70-300 Nikkor at 300mm; 400 ISO.


  1. I like it! I’m also a lover of shop windows, and the Art of window Dressing. A walk down Bond Street is always worthwhile when I’m in London. Reflections are often a major problem though. This image really appeals to me.


        • That’s interesting! Going for various genres appeals to me.

          If I can pluck up the courage, I have a project in mind – asking people in Bristol city centre if I can take their photos. I read an article on it, in Black+White Photography I think. Warmer summer days might be good, when people are more relaxed. A


        • Maybe it shows you to be a survivor, and one with vast experience of life too. Forgetting tragic events, which we’ve both been caught up in – if you’re anything like me there’ll be experiences you long to remember more of – and others you could quite happily lose, if only to make more room for the rest!

          I’ve just spent two decades analysing data – ok, it funded the birding and photography and beer and cider habits, but I could quite comfortably face the rest of my life without the continuing ability to write SPSS code without having to refer to the syntax manual! 🙂 …..


          • I’ve done most things from dealing antiques to butchery, life modelling to senior management.. with forays into transport and logistics via cleaning and being a jeweller…Not a boring life by any means…

            I’m lucky… I kept journals for a lot of the time, and have, apparently, an unusually good memory…which means of course I get to remember all the good bits.. and the bad bits too… in graphic detail.

            But then, there aren’t really any bad bits when you look back. They may be hell to live through, but there is always the possibility of turning them to good use and even the worst things can serve a higher purpose if we allow them to.

            Cider sounds good, actually…. 😉


            • Oh I think you’re out in front of me – but I can list gardener, temporary postman, research scientist, university lecturer, safari guide / manager, debt recoverer, author, editor, and data analyst. And I could use a model if you still have leanings in that direction …

              Its well known of course, but I find that my long term memory improves as I get older – long ago scenes, conversations etc return in startling detail – and the bad ones have to be consciously suppressed.

              But, yes, its all life experience, and the bad bits hopefully make us stronger.

              Yes, cider – but I’ll be driving to Glastonbury – oh damn!!!!!!!!! 😉

              I’m signing off for the evening – good to talk to you, Sue. Oh yes – have joined the Pagan Federation. A


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