Peacock butterfly in our garden; 24 July 2013.

These butterflies were very active in the hot sunshine, and pursuing them and setting up shots was quite fast and furious.  I certainly couldn’t have done it without fast autofocus and autoexposure, the latter nearly all centre-weighted or spot metering.  But the camera didn’t always get it right and here are examples of those errors – significant over exposure.

However I like these washed out, high key effects and I’ve slightly enhanced them with Colour Efex Pro 4, using the Detail Extraction, Foliage and Polarisation filters.

This post’s title plagiarises that of Jimi Hendrix’s Electric Ladyland album – maybe this is how the garden would look if I were sufficiently high!

The original Peacock butterfly post is here .

Nikon D700 with 70mm-300mm VR Nikkor; 800 ISO; Colour Efex Pro 4.



    • Yes, the comment is here – thank you, Dave! As I was saying to M, very much an experiment.

      I’ve had trouble not being allowed to Like pictures too – WordPress really is floundering a bit of late.

      It seems rain is due – it may already be with you down south. Thank you again. Adrian


  1. I love these. They work very well, I think. Reminds me of a vintage, well-washed 1960s-1970s t-shirt!

    I think you shouldn’t have said what the title related to – you should have seen whether visitors noticed it! It’s something I do on my blog from time to time: slip in a song title, or famous line from a book, film, or show. It’s interesting then to see who notices.


    • Oh, thanks, M! Once again, these are an experiment I was unsure of – if you like them, that’s good enough for me. How honest can I get?

      So you’ve been slipping in these lines from songs etc … how many have I spotted? >>> I can remember only Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds >>> so does that mean I’ve missed >>>ALL THE REST??? And Saturday was going so well … 🙂 … this blogging is a risky business ….

      Oh yes, and I’ve actually encountered the word “balletic” being used … and in print too ….so I know now its not just you making things up … >>> damn!, you must be one highly educated dude!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂


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