Kitchen Table Still Life, Nairobi style: biro (for scale), shattered pieces of Cockroach, and a parasitic worm that has just squirmed out of the Cockroach’s ruptured entrails onto the table top; Nairobi, Kenya; probably about 1980.

I saw the Cockroach running across the table as I came into the kitchen to make breakfast, and a blow swiftly killed it.

Going on preparing breakfast, I noticed waving movements out of the corner of my eye and on closer inspection watched fascinated as the worm writhed its way out of the roach’s corpse, only to die itself a few moments later, in the arid and completely alien environment of my kitchen table top.  Halcyon days …


    • Thank you, Dave – well, you know me, something a little visceral for a Friday evening …

      Researching this, and writing it up for the East African Natural History Society Bulletin, I came upon the fact that countries name cockroaches after the countries they dislike – so, if I remember correctly after all this time, in France its called the German Cockroach while in Germany its the French Cockroach.

      And, thinking of parasites, there’s that wonderful poem or song – about fleas having smaller fleas on their backs to bite ’em, and so ad infinitum! You have to admit that you get variety on this blog! A


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