1. OK, you asked for a preference, but this is a hard one. The color one is subtler and softer, the mono more stark and direct. They’re different enough that, for me, each stands quite well on its own. Considering more deeply, though, the mono version speaks to me more clearly and moves me more. Really, Adrian, an exceptional abstract.


    • Yes, I’m completely with you on those thoughts, Gary – and I’m glad this moves you ->>> thank you!

      But have you also read Peter K’s view (for the colour version), that it reminds him of someone wearing a vest, presumably under a v-necked sweater! Thinking about it and looking at it, I can see exactly what he means! Thank heavens we all see things differently! Adrian


      • Your final thought pulls it all together, Adrian. If all of us viewed/envisioned/visualized what we see in the same way, what a boring world this would be! The lucky ones are those of us who can embrace and appreciate each other’s perspective, even if ours differs from theirs.


        • Yes, absolutely, its always good to look at other people’s images, and blogging is fantastic for that. And all of the time – whether we realise it or not – we are taking on board hints and suggestions, and becoming more visually experienced. A


  2. It’s late.. I’ve got the snuffles and sneezes … can’t go into long waffle … Picture perfect 🙂
    I love them all Adrian !
    Like what silver efex does tho ….


    • Thank you, and hope you’re out of snuffles SOONEST!

      Have no idea where you are with your photography now but, if you ever think about monochrome, SEP is >>>THE<<>> drop me a line. A


  3. A very difficult choice. There’s still just a tinge of rusty rope here which I like and I love the darkened edges of the boat ……… . Can’t decide between them: love them both.


    • I agree, my thoughts entirely – as I said to Helen below here, I think their differences are sufficient to make them quite different, ie incomparable. Thanks for your thoughts! A


    • Yes, I think the rusty bits are important to both images tho they’re quite difficult to see here – in a way, as has happened in such situations before, I think they may be two distinct pictures. Thanks for your thoughts, Helen! Adrian


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